Friday, June 17, 2022

PS - Is It A Crow, An Eastern Gray Tree Frog, or The "Predator" Alien? (LOL)

In case you were wondering why I initially considered a crow as well as a frog, it's because in addition to the "caw" call usually associated with crows, crows can also make super creepy vocalizations along a scale or range, often described as a "croaking," "rattling," or "clicking" lol ...

They can even sound like they're having a conversation lol  - and in fact, biologists believe that these vocalizations are similar to the cooing of doves - intimate sounds made with each other - so in a way, they are "talking" to each other, just not like we do :)

Regardless, the creepiness of the crow vocalizations is why the special effects team chose the crow croak/rattle as the inspiration for the sound the alien makes in the movie "Predator"  - although the actual sound used in the actual movie supposedly ended up being the crow's cousin, a Magpie.

But nope, not a crow - and definitely no aliens here lol - it turned out to be my first thought -  a  gray tree frog - who make this mating call  starting in mid-June :)

By the way, the Eastern Gray Tree Frog can change color, like a chameleon - from gray to green :)

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