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Thursday, June 23, 2022

Socially Irresponsible, Reckless, and Tone Deaf SCOTUS Decision on NY Gun Law

Just in case you don't know the background, the State of New York had passed a gun law, which required a gun owner to have a license in order to carry the gun outside the home.

The Supreme Court of the United States struck it down as unconstitutional, in a vote 6-3.

This means anyone can carry a gun anywhere - licensed or not.

So ... do they want gun fights on NYC's subways and streets - like this is the freakin' OK Corral/Wild West in the 19th century -  as well as more mass shootings schools or-?

At the very least, they should've waited on this decision until the Bipartisan Gun Control Law had been voted on in the Senate.

Completely socially irresponsible, completely reckless, and completely tone deaf decision, considering the increase in mass shootings - NUTS!

And these people are SC justices for life, mind you.


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