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Thursday, June 2, 2022

Another Shooting in Tulsa, Signing the Sandy Hook Petition ...

 Another mass shooting last night in Tulsa, at a medical clinic, leaving four people dead :(

After which I visited the Sandy Hook Promise site, where parents are working on several petitions, the most pressing one is background checks for gun owners - you can sign here.

I signed the petition and donated and will continue to donate quarterly.

You will also note that there is another petition to block "dramatizations" or "simulations" of school shootings as part of training to be dome in the schools themselves - some of the training methods used have been found to inflict trauma among some children.

(Plus political conspiracy theorists often use this training videos and photos to say real shootings are "fake.")

I didn't sign that one yet because although I get it, I think training drills are needed, but perhaps there is another way it can be done without involving the children and rethinking some of the training methods used - perhaps the training needs to be federally standardized rather than abolished? 

Otherwise, after today, I am turning off my RSS feed.  

What this means is, if you use Blogger feed to view others' blogs (likely also affecting any blog "readers" as well).  no more posts will appear - you'll need to come directly to my site to read my content from now on - sorry :(

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