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Friday, June 24, 2022

New Federal Gun-Reform Law (With the Potential to be Invalidated by the SCOTUS Now) ....

Speaking of the  SCOTUS not waiting for the final Senate vote on the gun-reform law ...

The Bipartisan Gun Control bill passed (though it doesn't do much, and I worry about the "red flag" laws being abused, especially for people of color).

Nevertheless, congratulations, Sandy Hook Promise, to whom I donate, and whom I know worked tirelessly on  this! :)

Also, thank you ... I guess ... to the Senators from my state, Mitch McConnell (despite threats from Trump) and Rand Paul, for doing the right thing, for a change.

UNLESS - you two were tipped off by your conservative power circle about the SCOTUS ruling and knew the precedent set could potentially override and invalidate this new law as well, hmm? 

My guess is, based on both your swamp-turtle track records, you probably did know how SCOTUS was going to rule -  and vice versa -  didn't ya, ya sneaky bastards? lol 

That way, you two could still get your pockets lined by the NRA lobbyists, but still save face with your constituents at the same time - all the while knowing there was a SCOTUS ruling that could  potentially invalidate the new law - is that about right? ;)

Ya know, I don't consider deviousness and duplicity, to control perception versus reality, as a form of intelligence - but lucky for you, apparently half of America does - no level is to low to stoop to ensure your side wins :/

Regardless, the SCOTUS ruling and new gun law seem to be somewhat in opposition to each other - now what? 

Well, the gun law still doesn't say you have to be licensed -  and doesn't go far enough, IMO - but?

You just know someone's gonna get busted on the gun law and then appeal it to the SCOTUS - probably several "someones" - and then the law will be invalidated as "unconstitutional," just like the NY gun law was ...


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