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Thursday, June 2, 2022

Prince Louis at the Queen's Jubilee - LOL - Adorable!

LOL, enjoying these pictures of the royal fam on the balcony with the Queen coming in today - especially Prince Louis making faces, being very expressive, while Kate tries her best to gently shush him - but the Queen seems amused and we love it -  kids will be kids and are the same all around the world :)

Apparently, he didn't like the sound of the "trooping the colour" flyby for the Queen's Jubilee ... lol

Uh-oh, Mama Kate apparently thinks he's getting a little too excited? lol 

But no worries, just a gentle admonition, now and then ...

 "Take your hands out of your mouth, please, thank you, good boy" :)  LOL

Megan and Harry are there, too, just not on the balcony ...

But shhh, don't tell anyone, it's a secret   ... ;)

Aw, nice to see them all together.

Happy Platinum Jubilee, Queen Elizabeth - 70 years, congratulations and "well done!" 


PS  - Otherwise, again - after today, I am turning off my RSS feed.

What this means is, if you use Blogger feed to view others' blogs (likely also affecting any blog "readers" as well). no more posts will appear - you'll need to come directly to my site to read my content from now on - sorry :(

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