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Thursday, March 17, 2022

Trevor Noah on Why We Should be Paying More attention to the Kim Kardashian/Pete Davidson/Kanye West Situation, Instead of Less ...

(PS added, after Kanye West was locked out of Instagram)  

So we all know I love Trevor Noah, right?  

So when he says something, I listen, because he always tries to be fair to everyone involved (which I try to be, too, but make mistakes).

Now - having said that, last week, I wrote 2 posts on Kim's ridiculous "advice for business women," as well as how I wish that we would cancel the Kardashians, and that all three of them (Kanye, Kim, and Pete) would just hush during the Ukraine/Russia situation.   

However, Trevor's right - there is one component about this Kim/Kanye/Pete situation that I did find deeply disturbing and not so petty, and I should've said so, my apologies :(

And that is that is Kanye West is legitimately and admittedly harassing and stalking Kim, and that in this case, I didn't buy that his videos depicting decapitating Pete or burying him alive were "fantasy art/freedom of speech/expression" - they're just deeply disturbing and could be construed as a threat.

Also, to be clear, I did not say, nor did I ever even mean to imply, that Kim "deserves" any of that - I do not victim-blame under any circumstances.

Yes, Kim is rich, entitled, selfish, attention-seeking, dresses provocatively, and loves drama as PR - that does NOT mean Kim deserves what Kanye is admittedly doing to her, just because she divorced him.

Though I'm clearly not a Kardashian fan -  and I wish we would stop glorifying, idolizing, and emulating them - I also wouldn't want any harm to come to them or anyone.

Having said that -  I also wish that the majority of women going through this had Kim's money and connections - but they don't :(

After what happened to his mother, Trevor Noah says that although he understands how sick we all are of the Kardashians, this is a component we should take more seriously -  and he's right :(

He also added: "This is why women don't just leave  - it's because they know he'll get even crazier, if they do."

Amen, from past experience.  

HOWEVER - can I just say also add that it could also be legally construed that Pete and Kim Kardashian sometimes appear to try to provoke/escalate Kanye, even when things are quiet?

That's not typical of harassment/stalking victims, who generally avoid them.  

I get trying to send a public message that you've moved on, not afraid, self defense, even publicly documenting events - but I mean, replying to Kanye's repeated text messages with "I'm in bed with you ex-wife, right now" - just isn't a very good idea, with someone so unstable.

*That still does NOT mean Kim and Pete "deserve it," should anything happen - it simply means they might be compromising their own safety and complicating things legally, as it could be construed as "provocation," when they do *

In fact, it's hard as hell to do, but ignoring them is often the best course - but granted, ignoring them causing them to escalate, and sometimes, in stalking situations, you have to address it because they're now employing or attacking others you care about in attempt  to "herd" you back to them, nowhere to go, because you won't respond and give them what they want. 

However, it seems to me that Kim and Pete go past flaunting their new relationship as "We've moved on - why don't you?" straight into trying to provoke Kanye, even when things are quiet?

Again - that still wouldn't justify any harm that might come to them from Kanye - it's just an observation that people truly afraid of their harasser/stalker typically don't try to provoke and escalate the person while things are quiet - it's just not a smart thing to do for your own safety, and for legal reasons, because they'll flip it back on you, every time, as provocation or harassing/stalking them.



Just as I finished writing this, we learned that Kanye West was locked out of Instagram for harassment.

See, this is what I'm saying - probably not a good idea to provoke him, Kim and Pete - you still wouldn't deserve it, but be careful - for both your own safety and because it could complicate things legally.

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