Thursday, March 31, 2022

This Was Seriously Newsweek's News Alert Pop-Up, Just Now - LOL! *Sigh*


So I got a pop-up alert on my screen from Newsweek this morning - would you believe this is what it was?

A "semi-scientific" study conducted by "Bet Online?" 

Well, that's a reliable source - because of course we all participate in polls run by online betting sites, tweeted about it, or are even on Twitter? lol.

Well, it's good to know these same mature, moral people who feel the need to take sides are also taking bets on the situation and people's careers and lives.

This isn't an election - and it's garbage like this that just makes me - and other mature people -  more entrenched in NOT taking sides  -  because we don't have to. 

Again - we can still like both men, have empathy for both men (and Jada), and feel disappointed in both men.

Author Ryan Smith and Newsweek?

I'd be ashamed of this garbage, if I were you - you're undermining your own credibility, now - in a world where there's  already enough undermining of legitimate science and factual reporting over politics.

SMH, people - I swear to goodness - where y'all are taking this is just as morally depraved and divisive as anything we saw at the Oscars - I'm about to cancel-culture evvvvverrrrybody lol

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