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Tuesday, March 22, 2022

Airport Karen (Purportedly Senator Ted "Karen" Cruz) at the Bozeman Airport ...

This viral video, posted to Reddit by a BZN employee (as denoted by filming from behind the counter) purports the masked man to be Ted Cruz at the Bozeman Airport.

The video has no discernible audio, and doesn't show the full interaction, but it does show the moment law enforcement arrived - whom the Redditor/airport desk employee claims is Ted Cruz.

In fact, the Deputy Director of Bozeman Yellowstone International Airport, Scott Humphrey, has confirmed that it was Senator Ted Cruz.

"One of our Public Safety Officers (PSO) was in the ticket lobby and was asked to assist with a frustrated passenger at the United ticket counter (which is not unusual).  The passenger had missed the check-in window for his flight and re-booking options were limited out of Bozeman due to Spring Break."

"Our PSO didn't realize he was dealing with Senator Cruz until after the fact." 

Regardless, you can bet Airport Karen calmed down when the officer showed up.;)

The problem?

He arrived too late to board the flight. 

I guess he doesn't think the two-hour rule applies to him, he's too special.

Apparently, the Redditor later added that prior to this video, he had berated the female desk clerk, demanded to speak to her manager - a female whom he also berated - stating "Do you know who I am?"

The manager then called the male airport police officer in, at which point, the video begins and Airport Karen calmed down ;)

All of this, just so that he could get to the KBJ hearings in time to utter his contribution of dire necessity to the KBJ hearings:  “No one is going to inquire into your teenage dating habits.”

Yuck, Yuck, Yuck.

Pretty sure neither Kavanaugh nor Christine Ford ever would've said they "dated" each other.

Also, I agree with Jimmy Kimmel - no, please interview anyone that has ever accused her of sexual assault - because of course, that number is zero :)

Oh, and to top it all off?

He also had the audacity to complain that these hearings had become "too angry and confrontational."

Well, you would know, wouldn't you Airport Karen? 

Also, pretty sure that was you, and especially Lindsey Graham, and who can forget - Kavanaugh himself - who became so red-faced angry, belligerent, and shouty, during the Kavanaugh hearings, so physician, heal thyself :)

Ted Cruz has neither confirmed nor denied it was him, and it's difficult to tell with a face mask - but as mentioned, the Deputy Director of BZN has confirmed that it was Senator Ted Cruz.


PS - I don't know why Republicans get so upset about wearing masks - if you set aside the public health issue, they actually make you harder to identify -  which you would think would make Republicans very happy lol

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