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OK, Ladies (The View, Wanda Sykes, and Ellen) - If Will Overshadowed Other Oscar Winners, Why Are You Still Talking About Him, 3 Days Later? LOL

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I love all of you listed in my title, I really do - but how can I say this as gently as I can, at this point? 

How about we give it a rest and just let the dust settle and talk about something else now? 

I mean, it's been three days and some of us have hoped for discussion about anything else BUT that incident lol.

We get it -  Chris Rock is your fellow-comedian friend and you want us to canonize him a saint and demonize Will as Satan incarnate lol.

We also get that your other possible motivations for cheerleading for "Team Chris,"  besides friendship, are:

A)  A brotherhood loyalty among comedians that apparently rivals that of cops lol.


B)  Your own fear of somebody slapping you on stage if you cross the cruelty line.


C)  A fear of your own career death, if you defend your former friend Will in the slightest, especially with the very likely looming possibility of Will being stripped of his Oscar, suspended, or expelled from the academy ;)

I understand the necessity - and yet your effort to pull at the heartstrings to get us to join you on just "Team Chris,"  by digging up old podcasts about Chris being bullied as a child, in effort to get us all to empathize JUST with Chris and his childhood - isn't working.

Because here's what you're completely ignoring (willfully?): 

A)  His joke at Jada -  though tamer than his usual -  was  still bordering on bullying/cruel. 


B)  He very clearly said, just two years  ago, "Bullying is good for you" on "Comedians in Cars Getting Coffee. 


C)  Will's childhood history, like Chris, also included bullying - PLUS - his recent book described his "freeze" moments with his father's abuse of his mother that he regrets, which I believe played very much into this incident.

I don't know if you think you're dealing with gullible Trump voters or what, whom you imagine you can persuade towards one side, away from what we all heard and saw with our own ears and eyes, by misapplying some key pop-psych and woke punch words -  but it's not going to happen lol -  we're not going to choose between them - sorry.

TBH, it actually may be having the opposite effect - because all this suddenly renewed "St. Chris" talk today, in several different places, is starting to smell a little bit like a behind-the-scenes, orchestrated "Go Team Chris" campaign effort, considering the Oscar jury is still out and being investigated? ;)

I'm half-joking - but I did start to wonder about this possibility, especially while watching The View,  when Sunny Hostin kept pushing Whoopi Goldberg - who is on the Oscar's Governor's Board - to see things her way -  even passing along a further diss of Will by quoting Tony Rock, Chris's brother, as her friend. 

Whoopi listened to her, but Sunny's very transparent, biased campaign on behalf of Chris wasn't lost on her, either, and I highly doubt it will influence her vote on the Oscar's Governor's Board ;)

Regardless, truly mature people are still not taking sides, Ladies - we can still like both men, give empathy to both men (and Jada), and be disappointed in both men, in different ways - despite your not-so-subtle pressure and campaigning for us to pick a side.

Regardless, your abandoning,  two-facededness, and/or betraying your other former BFF, Will Smith, after giving him a standing ovation -  out of some misguided comedian-brotherhood loyalty and/or to save your own hides in Hollywood - hasn't gone unnoticed  ;)

If you really ever were previously his friend,  and you didn't like what he did or are mad at him, then tell him so privately - but running from talk show to talk show, to get attention for your own reaction and distance yourself from him, is almost as characterless and disgusting as you claim he behaved - no wonder he blew after being in Hollywood for too long!

And I'm not sure about your personally feeling "traumatized?"

I was upset, too, but actually traumatized from it? 

No - I wasn't even "triggered" by it, actually, just shocked - and I've been formally diagnosed with PTSD lol.

Ladies, I don't mean to minimize your experience - but at the same time, we really need to be careful about tossing around this term around as lightly as we do - because THAT is a metaphorical slap in the face to those actually on the receiving end of violent trauma.

Because when you're legitimately traumatized - or triggered back into trauma flashback - I guarantee you that the first thing you do will NOT be to run immediately to the talk show circuit and talk about it -  you'd most likely hide and isolate a while, because THAT is the true nature of trauma.

Ask Chris and Will both about that -  whom you will note that no one has seen publicly in days?

In fact, an old trauma trigger may have had something to do with why Will overreacted in the first place -  and if Chris didn't know what legitimately being traumatized felt like before, he certainly does now :(

You keep saying Will made the Oscars about himself -  but it's not about YOU and your "trauma"  from watching it, either.

If you're so mad at Will for overshadowing other Oscars, then why are you still talking about him, 3 days later, instead of those other Oscar winners?

Let's save personal "traumatization" stories for private conversation with your girlfriends, please - don't assume everyone felt the same way you did or are interested in how YOU felt, at the time.

Again, I love you all, but you're getting on my last nerve today lol - because you're dangerously close to sounding like a bunch of overprivileged, gossiping Karens, who've had way too much wine at a hen party at your beach house in Malibu lol.

To the point I rolled my eyes and changed the channel today just to escape any more talk about this crap lol

How about just give it a rest and let the dust settle a while, hmm?

Let's let it go, let the dust settle - okay?


PS - I see that Saturday Night Live is going to chime in with their take - which I'm sure will not be heavily weighted towards "Team Chris,"  or anything, since he's a former SNL alum ;)

Just what we need, more comedian cheerleaders, defending a comedian with a history of stooping too low, who has proclaimed "bullying is good for you."

I love you, too, SNL, but I think I'll skip this next episode - sorry.

Nope, still standing firmly on middle ground on this one, I don't care if every comedian in the world becomes Chris's cheerleader, I heard what I heard and saw what I saw, and still think the same way I did from Day One.

But like I've said before, other than Chris's comedian friends, it otherwise has been mostly white people who've been the most outraged - with the most well-known crazy people in Hollywood being the loudest - like Jim Carrey, Rosie O'Donnell, and Kathy Griffin. lol

I mean, the hypocrisy/lack of self-awareness is astounding.

Seriously - you are the last three people in Hollywood that should hop on the "Crucify Crazy Will" bandwagon,  having destroyed your own careers by acting crazy.

Two out of three of you have been accused of physical abuse yourselves, and all three of you have said, done, or drawn scary things that could be construed as threats - and not just once .

Wait, I take that back - the very last three crazy white people who should ever hop on that bandwagon would be Sean Penn, Alec Baldwin, and Shia Lebeouf - but to their credit, not a word lol.

Instead, those three are like, "Doh, I'm not saying shit - because I KNOW I'm crazy as hell and have a violent temper that ruined my own career LOL.)

If you think that makes your crazy look better?

It doesn't.

If you think jumping on this bandwagon will revive and restore your career?

It won't.


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