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Sunday, March 27, 2022

PS - Will Smith Nevertheless Won Best Actor - And Of Course We''ll Forgive You - But Still Processing ...


Despite that shocking moment, Will began the speech by talking about the character he played, Richard Williams (father of Venus and Serena) - also being a fierce defender of family -  and ended up delivering one of the most genuine, best speeches I have ever heard at the Oscars.

He then told the story about fellow nominee and friend, Denzel Washington, warning him, "At your highest moment, be careful - that's when the devil comes for ya - and he was right."

(I took this to mean temptation came to him, not that Chris Rock is the devil lol.)

Then he began to talk about his intention to be an ambassador of love and lifting others up, and how he knows that he should be able to take the abuse, people talking crazy, and then he began cry, as he delivered his speech, apologizing to the academy, his fellow nominees, and the audience for slapping Chris  - but NOT to Chris. 

I'm not sure he needs to.  I don't condone violence - BUT - Chris crossed the line, humiliating his wife for an autoimmune disorder that causes you to lose your hair, when women already struggle with being seen in public with this disorder :(  

He ended joking about himself looking like the crazy father he played and said, "Love makes you do crazy things."

You can't help but still love Will and forgive him - this was a poor, uncharacteristic moment for him, folks, truly - my brother-in-law, a senior accountant for a major motion picture network, swears Will is literally the nicest, most laid-back person in Hollywood. 

Will Smith  IS a light, he IS an ambassador of love - but also a fierce defender of his family - he is human - just like the rest of us.

You haven't failed, Will - this was nothing more than a humbling reminder  that you're still human, that's all   - but God is still with you - because that speech, remarkably turning this bad situation around for good, was divinely inspired :)

PS - I initially questioned if this was staged, considering what Will Packer said on the red carpet beforehand (read post below).

But in the end, I don't think it was, Will's speech was too off-the-cuff and too genuine, IMO.

Plus Will is too smart to stage something like that at the Oscars,  it could potentially ruin his career.  At least I hope he wouldn't stage it :/

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