Monday, March 21, 2022

Trevor Noah, Class Act II? His Response to the Grammys "Banning" Kanye ...


The reason for the question mark in the title is, in this case, though it's still a diplomatic, classy response - I'm not sure I fully agree. 

As mentioned two posts below, Kanye was banned from the Grammys, for reasons unclear, other than he came after Trevor Noah on social media, who is hosting the Grammys, this year. 

However, Trevor hinted that he, himself, wasn't involved in suspending Kanye from Twitter, stating he thought what Kanye said was funny -  but at the same time, wouldn't take back what he said about his concerns for women in Kim's situation, as well as his concern for Kanye's mental health and well being.

After news broke that Kanye was also banned from the Grammys,  Trevor tweeted the following, yesterday, making it clear that he did not approve of the Grammys decision to ban Kanye ... 

Again, more reasons we love Trevor ... :)


I do understand the Grammys concerns - Kanye does have a history of poor impulse control, on social media and at prior award shows. 

There really should be more consequences for his behavior - but perhaps at the time - not 13 and 15 years later, out of concern he'll do it again?   :/


The fact is, Kanye is verifiably mentally ill, currently displaying poor impulse control again, which he can't always help or control himself.

Although we don't want to control Kanye's behavior or environment for him, like a bunch of dysfunctional codependents - it is up to us to set some healthy boundaries (with empathy) - to protect ourselves from his behavior/keep everyone safe.

Thus, on this one, I only semi-agree with Trevor - "canceling" may be going too far - but "counseling" may not be going far enough.

Considering Kanye is clearly on a bipolar binge - "consequences" might be appropriate - and in this case, based on track record, an ounce of prevention may be worth a pound of cure ;)

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