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Monday, March 28, 2022

"He Got In One Little Fight, And We All Got Scared" - All Right, Let's All Settle Down, People - Geez

(*Edited - content added.)

Look - no one is more disappointed in Will Smith and what the Oscars has become than me, as I menti
on in the post below, what the Oscars meant to me as a child.

And again, I do not condone violence under any circumstances.

HOWEVER - those of you trynna act like you would've handled things better?

Now, you know if Chris publicly humiliated a member of your family like that, most of you would've ...

A)   Soiled yourselves and then run crying for your momma,  never to be seen or heard from again  (Or maybe that's just me - Lord knows that's likely what I would've done lol)

B)   Cussed him out, loud and proud, right there in front of God and everybody.. 
C)  Sued Chris for defamation of character.

D)  Laughed along with Chris publicly, but then privately tried to have him blacklisted from Hollywood and ruin his career, behind his back.

E)  Engaged in a nasty ongoing Twitter battle.

R)  Punched him and/or any person that ever said or wrote the slightest nasty thing, and not even to your face, but online

... the first time it happened - let alone the second, or even more, after a lifetime of having to grin and bear it - and just 30 minutes before you were the frontrunner to receive the pinnacle, crowning-achievement award of your career.

Will just had enough and he blew - both the language and the violence were extremely unusual for him - it was a build-up, a poor moment for Will that happened to be caught on camera -  period.

Interestingly, I forgot this, until just a few minutes ago, when my husband reminded me -  I literally had just said to him 2 hours before the Oscars ... 

"Who doesn't love Will Smith? Everyone loves Will, he's supposedly the nicest guy in Hollywood - but as good-natured as he is, sometimes I wonder if he fakes it to make it - you can sometimes see it in his eyes that he's not always laughing along - you can't always laugh along, in toxic Hollywood - unless you're a sociopath lol."

Boy, I had no idea how much I hit THAT nail on the head  lol.

See, this is why it's not good to always stuff it down, bottle it up, and wait until you blow - because the volcano will most certainly erupt and come out sideways, whether verbally or physically, at the worst possible time, when stress and emotions are high - and then you look like an overreacting crazy person, because people won't know it's after years of some sh*t (yes, I speak from experience lol ;)

I wish to God he hadn't resorted to violence, especially at the Oscars - but he did :(

But we are talking about one single errant, uncharacteristic snapshot moment of his life.

No - it does NOT mean he's a "narcissistic madman" or "displaying toxic masculinity" or any of the other BS that people are saying now, though until that moment, everyone used to say he was the nicest person in Hollywood, running a tie or close second with Tom Hanks.

It means he's human - he overreacted to an cruel joke, when tensions were high, in a historically male way versus a historically female way - period.

Rosie O'Donnell - I'm talking to you - comparing him to Trump -  are you serious with that?

Oh, get outta here with that melodramatic pot-stirring nonsense lol.

NOBODY acted like Trump -  but if we HAD to choose between Chris and Will for who acted the most like Trump, I'm pretty sure Chris would win, for making fun of someone with a medical condition, like Trump made fun of that a disabled reporter - but even THAT comparison is stretching it!

Listen, Roseanne - erm, I mean Rosie - believe me when I say that NOBODY wants to handle ANYTHING the way that YOU do.

(There's a reason why SNL didn't take you up on your offer to play Steve Bannon and didn't want you on the show, and I recommend you figure out what the reason is ;)

AND - though I don't condone violence - if THAT's your definition of "narcissism" and "toxic masculinity" - instead of (overreactive) proof that chivalry is NOT dead?

Then where can I direct some men I know to sign up? :)

Yes -  I wish he'd taken Chris aside later and spoke to him about it, off camera.

At most, I wish he'd have later just verbally clapped back at Chris during his speech.

Or better yet, spoken about his wife's struggle with the condition.

Or best of all, I wish he'd just risen above it, saying nothing at all - letting the Oscar in his hand speak for itself - an award that Chris Rock - nor will any of you -  nor will I - ever receive on his/your/my best day.

But unfortunately, for whatever reason, he didn't - and neither would most of you stone-throwers - who would've instead chosen one of the 6 options I mentioned above ;)

Rest assured, he's going to pay for it somehow, while Chris Rock walks away like some kind of innocent victim, with at most, a stinging face.

Chris Rock is certainly NOT innocent, nor a "professionally behaved gentleman," nor "a class act," or any of the other things people are calling him right now.

Though roasting is not uncommon at the Oscars, there was plenty of other material, based on people's actual choices VS using the humiliating, unchosen medical condition of the wife of a Best-Actor Oscar nominee for a cheap-shot laugh :(

But ya know, we don't HAVE to pick sides here.

I'm not saying their behavior was equivalent, but I still DO think both men could take some responsibility and give an apology for their bad behavior in different ways, yes?

And to those making this about their race - which I predicted/feared would happen last night ...

Sean Penn
and Alec Baldwin have done things like this - repeatedly - just not at the actual Oscars - and yet people keep hiring them and giving them awards - no one ever once mentioning their race!

You're even worse to me - making this incident about their race only reveals how much more of a disgusting, dark-souled human being YOU are -  more than those two ever even thought of being!

Once again, have fun storming the Capitol and attacking Capitol Police -  ya buncha gun-toting,  flag-weaponizing, violent, racist hypocrites! xo


PS - I made this joke privately, this morning, but decided not to share it publicly at first, considering it had just happened and being the butt of jokes was a sensitive subject -  but I can see somebody else just made that same joke elsewhere, so I'll say it now, to lighten things up - hoping even Will himself - who normally has a great sense of humor - would even laugh at this one.

So does Will have to move in with his Auntie and Uncle in Bel Air again?


For those who don't get it, sing The Fresh Prince of Bel Air song ...

"In West Philadelphia born and raised
On the playground was where I spent most of my days
Chillin' out, maxin', relaxin', all cool 
And all shootin' some b-ball outside of the school 
When a couple of guys who were up to no good
Started making trouble in my neighborhood
I got in one little fight and my mom got scared
She said, "You're movin' with your auntie and uncle in Bel-Air"


Look, I'm up for a good joke as much as the next person, but there's a cruelty line that shouldn't be crossed - which among other things, includes medical conditions that people literally cannot help or cannot be fixed,  or things that could be construed  false accusations, hatred or threats, etc. 

So Kathy Griffin - who you may remember her now infamous , unfunny, disgusting, "beheaded Trump" gig - was one of the first people to tweet out "Now we comedians have to worry about someone walking up on stage and slapping us."

Aw, poor you, Kathy.

Look, I wish Trump would just fall off the face of the earth, too  - but that beheaded Trump stunt you pulled was disgusting, completely amoral, OTT, and just plain scary - not to mention wasn't even remotely funny.

So you know what, Princess?

Good - I'm GLAD you now worry about that now .

It's called facing the social consequences for the freedom of speech that others fought and paid with their lives for, though you and so many others like you, did not - but nevertheless legally hide behind, as well as computer screens,  like cowards.

Maybe y'all will think twice before you do, from now on.

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