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Friday, March 11, 2022

Can We Finally "Kancel" the Kardashians, Please?

(*Edited - content and PS added.)

It's way past time - and now there's Kim's "business advice for women" in a Variety  interview was ...

"I have the best advice for women in business - get your f------ ass up and work. It seems like nobody wants to work these days." 


Oh, she was serious.

Okay, Kitten ... reality VS reality TV check ... 

First of all, there's a pandemic going on - many businesses have never provided proper PPE and/or social distancing requirements, especially in the south, and only about 50% of the country is vaccinated (less than half in Kentucky).

This is why we have a nursing shortage, right now, and believe me, those are some of the hardest working people in the country, especially right now, so short-staffed. 

It's NOT that they're lazy and don't want to work - and it's not that they enjoy living off chicken feed -  it's that living in poverty, which many wage-working women nearly are anyway,  is preferable to getting sick and dying, leaving no one to care for their children and families -  or transmitting the virus to their families.

Secondly, not everyone is born into your privilege, but because they lack in any actual discernible skill, talent, education, or training, decides to release an accidentally-on-purpose sex tape - approved by their mother - to generate PR, then make even more money by letting a camera follow them around in their already over-privileged lives in LA on a reality TV show, while they shop in the most expensive stores, eat at the finest restaurants, party with the rich and famous, get their latest plastic surgery, and create the maximum amount of drama possible, such that it has now permeated our news feeds, despite Russia invading the Ukraine.

Most of us wouldn't consider what you do as "working" or an actual job -  but whatever it is -  we definitely couldn't afford to pay 3 nannies, 3 private tutors, 12 housekeepers, and 2 cooks, and two make-up artists/hair stylists while we do it!

GOD I wish someone would cancel culture the Kardashians - or let's add their signature "K" to it ... 
Kancel the Kardashians -  I have for years - but alas, no one does.

The only one I could ever tolerate was Khloe, but even she has since gotten caught up in her own hype - but Kim is especially intolerable.

However, it's not just the the Kardashians - this is a typical over-privileged Republican cry about their labor, especially during the pandemic - and we know the Kardashians admitted initially leaning Republican (and still do, on some issues).  

I've heard the phrase that Kim uttered many times, from Republican business owners and managers during the pandemic, here in Kentucky.

(Not directed at me, I'm one of the lucky ones that works from home, as does my boss is in NJ - I love her dearly and she's never said such a thing because she knows I work my arse off)

Yet with rare exception, most of these same people neither provide nor require proper PPE or social distancing, nor do they encourage vaccination.

In fact, overhearing this phrase again (not directed towards me or anyone) was 50% of the impetus for writing this post, last week (the other 50% was, as mentioned,  changes in Mark's work environment).

Back to the Kardashians ...


I think everyone is afraid to cancel-culture this family because of the transgender and race elements - despite them admittedly leaning conservative/Republican on many issues.

In fact, Kanye supported Trump, Kim visited Trump in the White House, and Kris's ex-husband, the transgendered Caitlyn Jenner, recently ran for governor of California on the Republican ticket - hello?

Regardless, these are clearly people who don't care about what real life is like for anyone else who is transgendered, a person of color, or just poor - all they care about is getting what they want and screw everybody else - they have no idea of what it's like to struggle.

So Kim, Princess ... 

Girl - you know you wouldn't last a day in a wage-labor job in the real world, especially without your nannies, cooks, and housekeepers.

And by the way, Captain Oblivious and Over-Privileged - your latest drama about Kanye and Pete Davidson is still popping up in my news feeds, every day - and I still don't care.

So I'm definitely gonna need all three of you to secure your petty sh*t - put it on temporary hold or privatize it, rather than calling the paparazzi yourselves again - at least while the Ukraine is being invaded?


PS - And of course, amid the backlash of her saying such an ignorant thing, she and Pete decide to go official on Instagram, which also popped up in my breaking news feed - clearly, an attempt to distract us all from the fact that what she just said perpetuates stereotypes of women and non-managerial laborers.

Ya know, I really liked Pete Davidson, until now, but he's now buying into this whole thing, getting caught up in the toxic Kardashian web.   

I do worry what will happen to Pete, once she's used him up for PR, chews him up and spits him out - he's admittedly an emotional fragile dude.   All we can hope for is that he wakes up before that happens ...

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