Monday, March 16, 2020

No, By The Way - I Personally Do NOT Believe In Conspiracy Theories Regarding COVID19

Just wanted to add this sort of PS to my last post, it's my personal opinion - perhaps it's because I've worked in healthcare for years, but I personally don't believe in a "whodunnit" conspiracy scenario. 

I guess it's possible, so I don't rule it out, but I think it's highly unlikely - and I haven't seen a shred of evidence that would support any of these conspiracy theories that I'm hearing on both sides of politics.

I also don't find  "blame-game" speculation helpful because it doesn't solve the current problem. 

So my opinion is that viruses and bacteria have been around for thousands of years longer than we have, longer than almost all ever other species.  Therefore, they can adapt to the ever-changing environment much more quickly, they can evolve and mutate faster than just about any other living organism we can think of.  

Considering our environment is always changing, whether man-made or not, we can expect these highly-evolved organisms to keep evolving - and we can only hope that science catches up. 

Is it convenient for many groups to politicize it?

Of course, that's what people do, especially in this day and age - but I honestly do not believe it originated as such.

I remember in my basic microbiology class, in college, microbiologists were warning of superinfections - either highly-resistant bacteria superinfections (which is one of the reasons why they warn not to overuse antibiotics with bacterial infections or use them when virus is suspected, as antibiotics are useless with viral infections)  - OR viral superinfections - it's just a matter of time, and all we can do is hope modern science keeps up with it. 

Just my opinion, though ...

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