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Saturday, February 29, 2020

What We're Watching: Locke & Key, Longmire ...

... otherwise, as I've said, I've been pretty busy lately, and when I have time, Mark and I are always on the lookout for a new good story.  Unfortunately, both Netflix and Amazon have been a little dry, the past month or so, and what they have come out with have been duds.  

(I guess they wanted you to focus on their warranted critically acclaimed stuff, like, The Irishman, Dolemite, and others rather than anything new? Okay, they are good - but they've been out for months already, and for a while, Netflix and Amazon we're hitting it out of the park with a new show at least once a week that was worth a watch.)

There's Hunters with Al Pacino on Amazon, which we'll watch at some point, but we're not really in an intense-watch kind of place lately. 

Thus, two different friends, who are also Yellowstone fans, recommended Longmire to us?

Well, I personally wouldn't put it in league with Yellowstone, but like Yellowstone, it has gotten more interesting/better as it goes along.  

However, remember, as I've said, the only 2 things I'm snobby about are film and architecture (people with money, wasting it), and I'm sort of a snob about these things -  and if I can predict the plot or who figure out "whodunnit" in the first 10 minutes, I lose interest. 

And having said that, though there are some interesting twists and I do like the characters - I did manage to correctly figure out who really had Longmire's wife killed several episodes ago lol.  

My husband, turned to me and said, "I don't know why I doubt you, you nail it, every single time, how do you do that?"

I just winked :)

Because is it that I'm psychic? 

Lol, no - it's just being a once aspiring screenwriter, I can usually see where these stories are going.

Yet I'm still watching because I want to see what happens to a couple of characters :)

Otherwise, we watched a couple of documentaries on Amazon, and the only upcoming show on either Amazon or Netflix I was looking forward to was "Locke & Key"on Netflix - and it didn't disappoint :)

It's not Stranger Things Caliber, but a sort of twist on "Harry Potter Meets Goosebumps Meets Stranger Things, the B version" (based on a comic book series) - but I do like the novel ideas :)

In fact, Mark got into it as much as I did, and couldn't wait until 10 p.m., when all our work, animal care, and housework was done to sit down to watch. 

And that's my "What We're Watching" report for the week. 

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