Saturday, March 28, 2020

Numbers Don't Lie Or Have a Political Narrative ...

Say what you will about the problems with socialized healthcare, but ...  do you have another explanation for why the countries that spend the most tax money on their healthcare, as well as aggressively regulate healthcare/pharmaceutical prices the most - Germany Norway, Finland, The Netherlands, Sweden, Switzerland - have astonishingly lower death rates in proportion to their populations than the rest of us?

It is possible to socialize healthcare without being "socialists,"  people, it's called Democratic Socialism - these nations prove it's not only possible, but it can work (especially Germany).  

Not perfectly, but they have appeared to thus far pass a major crisis test we overly-capitalist, overly-wealthy, overconfident, overly stingy Americans have not - despite being geographically closer to the original virus breakout location than we are.  

In short, despite all of our money, our superiority complexes, our blustering bravado and boasting, and our renewed obsession with reducing everything to winning and losing  - we, of the USA, lost this involuntary Healthcare Olympics - by a long ways :(

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