Wednesday, March 11, 2020

PS/Update ...

The University of Louisville, Western Kentucky University (Bowling Green), and the University of Kentucky (here in Lexington) canceled all in-person classes and extended Spring Break today, shifting them to online.   

Additionally, The NCAA basketball tournament will still go on this year, but no fans will be in the stands - they will be televised only. 

Governor Beshear encouraged churches to cancel services for 2 weeks, after it was discovered that 2 of the infected transmitted COVID-19 through church contact in Harrison County. 

And what about Lexington/Fayette County, with 2 of the 8 patients residing in Fayette County and 6 of the 8 being treated here?

What about Fayette County Public Schools? 

*crickets from Mayor Gorton*

Of course not - see below posts as to why our mayor, and our schools, are dragging their feet in response compared to the rest of the state and nation  :/

Of note, Eastern Kentucky University in nearby Richmond - AKA Trump Town - is now the only major university in Kentucky to have made no decision.

Ya know, Mayor Gorton - it would not be the end of the world if the kids just took an early spring break, this year, swapping out the break weeks?

No, they aren't as affected, but they can still carry it - not to mention the many adults, some near retirement age - it takes to support their classes. 

Not a bad idea, just sayin' ....

And by the way, we discovered today we're not the only ones who noticed your Trump-style lack of transparency and response to this, Mayor Gorton. 

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