Tuesday, March 24, 2020

A Symbol of Hope, Right Outside My Window - Just Now :)

I was in the middle of texting back and forth in a group text thread - someone had just announced they'd been laid off, due to this situation.  

We were all offering what words of comfort we could find, when seconds later, something drew my attention to this outside my window ...

I was instantly reminded of the story of Noah and the great flood - how a rainbow was the symbol of God's promise to never attempt to destroy mankind again.  

(It also has a special personal significance to me regarding my grandmother.)  

Even if you're not a spiritual person, rainbows are hope bringers :) 

Most things are just coincidence.  Some things are overly coincidental.  

The fact that my attention was drawn outside, just after this person announced their bad news, when we were all struggling for the right words, signified to me it may be the latter - and as they say, a picture is worth 1,000 words :)

Like a wink from a loved one to let you know they're near.

Or perhaps even God himself, saying, "Yes, I saw that.  It totally sucks.  I can't intervene in what humans decide - that would negate free will.  But I saw that, I'm here, and I love you. "

I'd like to believe my attention was drawn outside to snap this photo for that person in particular; however, later, I thought perhaps we all could benefit from a little hope, right now - so I thought I'd share the photo, as it might be a hope-bringer for others as well :)

God's peace xo 

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