Monday, March 23, 2020

U.S. Senator from Kentucky, Rand Paul, Tests Positive ...

... he is the first U.S. Senator to test positive for COVID-19 (but the third U.S congress member - 2 U.S. House reps tested positive). 

Rand Paul is our Senator, for our region in Kentucky.

It is believed he acquired the virus at a fundraiser in Louisville.  

He is asymptomatic and in quarantine, at this time. 

Of note:  Though an avid Trump supporter, he was one of only 8 Republican Senators to vote against the economic stimulus package bill Trump et all proposed last Wednesday.

The reason he voted with us Dems on this one?

Because the original stimulus package, as well as the one currently on the table, enables corporations to lay off employees, but still keep the government bailout money. 

(Rand Paul is a libertarian and therefore not in favor of government bailouts in general.)

Kentucky is finally first at something, we're so proud.  

(No, not really - that's sarcasm and my irreverent sense of humor.)

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