Tuesday, March 17, 2020

25 Cases in Kentucky, 7 Here in Fayette County/Lexington ...

... due to Governor Beshear's executive order, all restaurants are now closed for dine-in - carry out and delivery only (some have just closed in general).  Most people who can are working from home.  Though the schools are closed for the kids, the adults are still going - including my husband.  

Thus, I'm getting concerned, now, for my husband - every day he goes in is an extra day of possible exposure, so I do hope they hurry passing that state bill to cover state employees extra time-off  - and that Fayette County finally tells them all to go home, ready or not. 

Unfortunately, he just doesn't get enough vacation days per year (like his boss does, already at home). 

Since my husband is in IT, he is working on laptop orders for everyone else, so they can work from home, especially making sure employee payroll and benefits computers stay up and running, if nothing else - while the CIO sits at home on vacay.  

The frustrating thing is, my husband recommended this 3 weeks ago, for people to put in requests for laptops just in case, but everybody waited until the last minute to request them.  

Unfortunately, he's not the CIO, here, like he was in Detroit.

Where is the CIO of FCPS?

Oh, he's been gone for 2 weeks already and won't be back until April 6th because he used his ample vacation package time - so he's  isn't even working from home - he's just getting paid to sit at home on vacation during this chaos/crisis. 

Thus the lower-levels with less pay and less vacation are the ones scrambling to get people ready to work from home, make on-the-spot decisions, and keep payroll and benefits systems up and running.  

It's kinda pissing me off, to be honest, and I don't mind saying so publicly.

Because if I was an executive, if my employees had to work and needed support, and I was still well, I'd roll up my sleeves and be right there down in it a crisis with them, making these on-the-spot policy decisions as their leader, instead of leaving them to my employees - because that's my job and what they pay me to do!

But instead, he's been sitting at home for the last 2 weeks on paid vacay, and will be for another 3 weeks, like he's too special or fragile (despite my husband being the one who has a heart device and had an actual stroke)!

Speaking of which, Mr. CIO of FCPS, if you're reading this ...
Though I appreciate your support of us during that time of Mark's stroke and heart device,  I understand that since then, you've let the job go to your head and gone off the power-abuse deep end in about 12 ways  both professionally AND personally. 
And despite everybody bad-mouthing you since, I still personally gave you the benefit of the doubt anyway, because of how supportive you were of us during that time and so when people trashed you, I said, "Okay, but that man has a heart once, or at least he did, so I won't say a bad word about the man, he was there for us during a tough time. Plus he served in Afghanistan, let's give him a break" 
BUT  - you just used your very last benefit-of-the-doubt card with me and managed to finally get on MY last effing nerve.
Thus, Mr. CIO whom I considered formally my husband's friend - it's now time for tough love.  
Thus hear me when I say THIS to you ...

"Seriously, soldier - we are all sick to death of ... whatever this is, your mid-life crisis or whatever. Nobody has time for it, right now."

"Please get your head out of your own arse, screw it back on straight, and straighten up and fly right. Remember the humility you once had, as well as that you're actually a public servant - you support with technology the public educators of all the children in this county."

"So get your butt back in there because my husband and others at the schools need you - at least do something you get paid to do?"

PS - The person left in charge, and the person who imagines he's in charge, are two different people - and we all know the person who imagines he's in charge is a  complete dumb ass, not to mention a creepy-ass stalker psycho (just ask poor B) - as everyone but you seems to realize - again, probably because you've had your head up your arse for the past year or so.  
In fact, as we speak, he's trying to implement the dumbest, most unsafe policies I've ever heard of, defying both school and state policy.  Thus, more reasons to get your ass back in there with your employees?

However, that's the way it seems to be panning out in every business, from what I'm hearing - the upper-levels with more pay and more vacation time get the luxury of working from home or not even having to deal with these decisions because they took straight vacation - but lower-levels are the ones still on work sites, risking themselves for less pay and with less vacation time, as if they're less valuable.  

Because here in America, we don't get 5 weeks' vacation like other countries do; here, you're lucky if you get any paid vacation time at all. 

And we're not all fully covered health insurance wise and testing is still sporadic at best, here.  (My own doctor's office practice do not have the tests, you have to go to the health department or ER for that.) 

As for me, I am lucky to work from home already and have 2 contracts  - one of them, however, is for a large university outpatient medical center in Canada in Ontario - where it just so happens that they have had the biggest outbreak of COVID19 in Canada thus far. 

Thus, they have curtailed all appointments to only absolutely-necessary appointments for patients, so the work load is getting thin  (I get paid by the line typed).  We don't do much of their inpatient work as contractors but overflow; however, if the hospital itself gets full, I'm sure we will. 

The other contract is also medical/pharmaceutical, but for a marketing company - it's transcribing potential new pharmaceuticals and medical device product surveys between marketers and health professionals and insurance reps via phone interviews, getting real-world feedback before product launches - so we're hoping that one is still okay.   

I am also grateful I don't wait tables on the side, anymore, but I do worry for all the servers for whom this is their only job and have no vacation pay or backup - what will they do?

Otherwise, our freezer is stocked, I clean like a madwoman lol. 

That's about all we can do.  As I said before, I don't pray for protection because Christians die from these things too, and whatever's going to happen - but my prayers for strength and comfort during difficult times has never been disappointed. 

God's peace be with you, 

~  Chrystal

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