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Friday, March 20, 2020

Love to Hear the Kids Playing Outside Again Today :)

... in their own yards or from balconies and patios, of course, always under the watchful eyes of parents, so they don't stray to far away and/or touch anything or anyone outside their realm ;)  

We hadn't heard that, for several days, but they do get restless indoors for days.   In fact, the sounds of children playing outside, on this warm day, are virtually the only sounds you can hear today, other than occasional cars :)

Running in their yards, squealing loudly and happily, just because they can, and to let out pent-up, boundless energy.

Or singing happy little nonsense songs, they just made up themselves, about their cat or dog or doll or bicycle or whatever's right in front of them, pretending to being princesses or superheros  - little innocents, happy as ever, blissfully unaware, as they should be - makes me smile   :)

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