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Wednesday, March 18, 2020

On A Lighter Note ...

... I guess?  LOL.

You know, you gotta grab a laugh when you can - never lose your sense of humor - there's a reason why it's a coping skill :) 

So, on the way to work today, my husband was crossing the street in downtown Lexington.  

Some poor religious nut was on the street corner, yelling at everyone, getting up in their faces:  
"Everyone is gonna die and it's all your fault, because you didn't worship God! YOU'RE going to die! And YOU'RE going to die!" - including my husband.  

So of course, getting up in people's faces is not a good idea, right now -  but I guess like all religious zealots, the yelling man likely imagined himself sinless, exempt, and immune.

However, such unfortunate souls are usually in for a rude awakening - because we have already had "plagues" in times past, much worse ones  - and historically, not a single one of those bacterial or viral plagues has ever cared whether you believe in, or pray to, God, Christ, Mohamed, Buddha, Rama, or your shoe, for that matter.

My husband just practiced social-distancing, despite the nut getting in people's faces, and just said, "Okay, thank  you" until the man stopped yelling his way and moved on to the next sinner. LOL.

It's not so much I'm laughing at that poor man, but those who know me well know that I laugh at the absurd, absurdity is my favorite form of humor - and that was definitely absurd :)

People are nuts, right now.  My husband has gone to calling it the "zombie apocalypse" - not because anyone is actually a zombie, but because they're acting like rabid zombies, at grocery stores and even street corners.

Now - having said that above about that poor man on the corner, being a spiritual person and a Christian myself, I have to say - I personally don't believe God did this or has much to do with it at al (poor God, always getting the blame and credit for random occurrences).

I believe in a God is a more loving than punitive God - because God the creator is our father, the model parent.  

Good parents don't cause bad things to happens to us, but they do allow natural consequences, and sometimes even unpleasant events to occur, to show us something, teach us something about life, as well as bring us closer to each other other :)

So I look for that, the spiritual lesson that can be found somewhere in the situation, sometimes in the most unlikely places - and I most often see Christ in how we treat each other during crisis - because we are often our best human selves during a crisis - - and it is then at such times when we are the most like Christ :)

And I will say - in addition to still finding Christ in the situation in how we treat each other during crisis - I do also find the timing of this interesting, as well as this virus appears to be a "great equalizer" - it really doesn't matter how much money you have, your skin color, your political preference -  the playing field has surely been leveled.

So in other words, while I DO think there's a spiritual lesson in this for us, especially in how we treat each other, I do NOT think God caused this (or had anything to do with it) - but there may be a "byproduct" spiritual lesson as a result?

And again, as I stated before, I do not believe God rescues us just because we are Christians; if so, it's rare. 

And instead of punishment, I actually wonder, sometimes, if it isn't actually an act of mercy, taking some lives, rather than having them suffer for too long, perhaps they would be too weak and damaged after trauma, or even maybe to spare them what's coming that's worse (I firmly believe that about my grandmother, who died just before the recession hit) - but I'm still undecided on that theory overall. 

However, even holocaust survivors will tell you they're prayers for comfort and strength were answered and God's presence could still be felt, despite what others do in free will (or viruses do, just as viruses).

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