Monday, March 9, 2020

PS Update - Keeping People in the Dark Creates More Panic, Not Less

We're now up to 6 cases - another one of those in our small  Lexington, population 321K - and our Republican mayor, Linda Gorton,  refuses to confirm or deny, well,  anything.  

Note that in contrast - and  at the same press conference - Louisville's Mayor, Greg Fischer, admitted that a patient was being treated at Norton Hospital in Brownsboro - and Governor Beshear admitted a person in Harrison County worked at Cynthiana's Walmart (20 miles outside of Lexington) - so that makes 5 here in Central Kentucky either in or near Lexington.

In fact, my husband noticed this before I did.  He said, right after she spoke at the press conference at 8:45 this morning: 

"Linda Gorton told us absolutely nothing versus the others, did you notice that? I hate to make this political, but it was obvious - the way this is being handled is clearly following political lines and that's dangerous. She is completely useless."

"Mayor Gorton, Republican Trump cult follower, chose to follow suit with Trump's new cavalier attitude towards the virus (which he has stated is a "hoax" - out of fear of affecting his campaign) - and told us nothing at all. Nothing, not a G-damn thing. 'Keep people in the dark and guessing, that's what's best.' No, that's BULLSHIT, people panic more, not less - and what people don't know, they make up, or they try to connect dots that don't really connect, and trust word-of-mouth gossip, which is dangerous. We've seen that with Trumpers this whole way."

"But Louisville's mayor, Democrat Greg Fischer - as well as Democrat Governor Andy Beshear - told us everything they could, without violating HIPAA - all the wheres, whens, and hows - to include exactly what hospital the Louisville patient was in, exactly how they got it (travel overseas), as well as that the first Harrison County patient worked at Walmart."

"But they managed to do so while being reassuring that the Walmart had been temporarily shut down, sanitized, and reopened, and that there was no need for panic or business or school closings yet, remain cautiously optimistic."

"Linda Gorton declared a state of emergency for Lexington, but at the same time, admits nothing, confirms nothing, denies nothing, and refuses to give any information at all on the status of the patient, their whereabouts, or how they contracted it, and inappropriately acts like there's no problem and rambles on for 5 minutes about following CDC guidelines we already knew, in her saccharine-sweet Southern accent, instead."

"That's modern-day Republicans for you - lies, lockdown information, loyalty beyond reason - corrupt, keep you in the dark - project their own behavior on Democrats, to include screaming about Democrat lack of transparency as deflection/projection off their own blatantly obvious lack of transparency. It's the most communist thing I've ever seen, in America, and yet they call US the communists, it's insane. The US might as well be China, under Trump-style leadership."
"You need no further proof of who the real communists are than watching how Republicans in this state are handling the COVID-19 coronavirus outbreak versus Democrats. Linda Gorton's refusal to provide necessary information is f-ing dangerous."
"Nobody can stand her, by the way, she brings a chill to the room and most people think she lives in la la land anyway, totally out of touch. Seriously, Chrystal, you should attend a meeting with me with her sometime. She talks that fake Southern sweetsy voice to try to disarm you and throw you off the fact that she's an ice queen, she makes the hair on my arms stand up for some reason."
"There's something very wrong with us having to get much-needed information from the state's governor and another city in our state, rather than from our own mayor. Making everyone guess is worse than making them panic."

"I mean, it's like f-ing Fox News lol. You learn nothing but what they want you to know, hide the negative that might affect Republican campaigns, even if it's dangerous to the public. It's the most communist thing I've ever seen in America."

However, you can still find mention of UK Chandler Medical Center treating them, not only the first Lex Herald Leader link above, but other TV news websites like  WLVT Channel 8 in Louisville.

So in other words, UK confirmed it with press, then denied it - right after Mayor Linda Gorton's press conference ;). 

Uh oh - liar, liar, somebody's pants are on fire - and I suspect her name is Mayor Linda Gorton.

Again, there is no need for panic, just extra caution however, Republicans following Trump's lead - to keep people in the dark, downplay/minimize it - keep people in denial, or guessing about the reality of the situation, keep trusting gossip as "proof" - is just as illogical as panic - and it's definitely not going to protect anyone - to include Republicans themselves, in the end.

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