Friday, March 20, 2020

So ...

... as I've mentioned, I have both PTSD and social anxiety disorder, and as I just mentioned below, my PTSD is sailing through this COVID thing with flying colors.  

However, even though it sounds stupid, these conditions are often irrational, and something happened that just caused the social anxiety disorder to kick in full blast, I feel like I said something stupid (in real-life, not online, although I likely say stupid things here everyday anyway, but hardly anyone reads this blog lol)

Thus, give me a couple of days to grapple with how irrational it is to worry about my social performance, in comparison to what's really important to focus on, right now,  and to also practice my CBT skills, right now, before posting again lol.  

Hey, at least  social isolation may end up working for me, right now  lol. 

Stay well xo :)

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