Friday, March 13, 2020

My COVID19 Comment Elsewhere (Under a Post With a Picture Spreading Politicized Dysinformation)

My laptop is being tweaked, this morning, by my husband, the IT doc, so forgive any autocorrect errors, I only have my small-screen dinosaur smart phone.  Any necessary edits will be done later :)

I rarely comment anywhere, anymore, but the spread of misinformation about COVID19 shouldn't fly - it can be dangerous.

Thus, a comment under a post elsewhere, which contained a picture of a business owner's whiteboard menu board, which politicized the virus and provided inaccurate and unsubstantiated information (which I can only surmise was done to keep business?) - and spreading inaccurate information about this virus can be dangerous.

Thus, of course I won't be sharing that misinformed photo, but you'll get the gist.

This was posted twice because due to being on my phone and unsure if it took, as well as autocorrect error...


I am on my phone, so forgive me for any auto-correct errors or if this posts twice but as for #5... 'facts?'  
1. If these are US presidential election years, as you surmised, note we did not have a presidential election in 2010 and 2014. We have presidential elections every 4 years. 
2. The reason the virus is called COVID 19 is because it was discovered in 2019. 
3. Most of the other viruses mentioned were not initially discovered in those years, they just became talking points. 
4. In tbe side bar on the right, the 'cure rate?' Erm -there is no 'cure' and thus the problem. Now, if they mean recovery rate, okay, because most people do recover, but I'm not sure where they got that percentage of 99.7 percent. I'm not sure if the CDC even has that percentage yet here in the US. 
5. Stopping the spread of any virus is only as good as how seriously we take it and how effectively we respond. 
There is still no need to panic, but politicizing, minimizing, and being in general denial about this virus - as well as passing along unsubstantiated opinion as fact - protects no one and virtually ensures communicable diseases will spread

Update:  After the release of this comment, the poster told us it was outside a "doctor's surgery."

No mention of what proof he has that it truly was a doctor who put that on a whiteboard outside their office, what kind of doctor they were (they could be a podiatrist or veterinarian, for all we know), nor what sources this supposed "doctor" used to obtain the "factual" information? 

Any actual MD who would quote a "cure rate" for COVID-19 could and should have their license revoked - because as with all viruses, there is no "cure," just a recovery rate.

(Even anti-viral medications can only decrease the viral load, forcing a virus into remission/undetectable amounts, they don't "cure" - *the only exception that I can think of might be hepatitis C anti-viral treatments would be the only ones that can use the term "cure" rates; but even then, though the cure rate for hepatitis C is high, it's still not 100%; some people are still refractory to treatment)

Even if an MD, I've transcribed for doctors for 24 years, and I can tell you -  they are just as political as we are, can jump to conclusions, dismiss important symptoms, and generally just make mistakes, just like we do - because we're all human. 

That is why organizations like WHO and the CDC never trust the opinion of just one doctor - they have entire teams researching different aspects of the virus, who convene together, agree to a consensus, and then publish their research and information.  

Then the blog owner responded by saying he agreed with me about not politicizing things - but then ended his comment by taking a political dig "DemRats."

As you can see, I took no political sides, I was speaking from a healthcare perspective only, as I am in healthcare.  

Thus, there's really no need for my reply, I wasn't there to be argumentative - my comment was just an "FYI"for anyone taking that whiteboard "list of facts" (falsehoods) about COVID19 too seriously.

(Plus the blog owner already does a fine job of contradicting and discrediting himself - he really doesn't need anyone's help ;)

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