Friday, March 27, 2020

It's Ozark Day!

For those of you losing track of time, working at home, it's Ozark Day on Netflix lol.

For those of you who haven't watched this show yet, think Breaking Bad meets hillbillies - nodding to both Quentin Tarantino and David Lynch as influences. 

Chicago super-accountant/financial advisor, Marty (played by Jason Bateman), reluctantly dabbles in - erm - "creative accounting" for a South-American drug cartel, which he thinks is a temporary gig,  in order to pay for college for his children.  

When he finds it's not so simple to just get out, he runs and hides with his family in the Ozarks - only to find the hillbillies are even scarier lol.

(Also known as people probably related to me.  Just kidding.  Mostly.)

Additionally, his wife, Wendy (played by Laura Linney), thrives on the duplicity and the politics, there, and his son has developed a disturbing fascination with guns, all of which weigh on his conscience, but he does not appear to have the backbone to do anything about as he partially blames and is disgusted with himself, but at the same time, it's clear part of him enjoys the thrill, too. 

Of course, as is the current trend, virtually no one is a good guy, but still likable, so there's an internal moral pull, when watching these characters. 

One of my favorites is Ruthie.  She's totally a foul-mouthed, redneck, crooked as the day is long (she really had no other choice to survive), but also super smart and hilarious. 

Take note for those of you who witnessed Daniel Craig's horrible foghorn-leghorn Southern accent in Knives Out - THIS is how you do a Southern accent - bravo, Julia Garner, fully deserving that Emmy.

(FYI, there are dialects and degrees of accents depending on the different regions of the American South, mind you. Daniel Craig was apparently going for Atlanta gentile, but failed miserably.  Julia Garner delivers a backwoods-redneck Missouri accent perfectly.)

One of my favorite scenes is where psychopathic FBI Agent Petty tries to blackmail and threaten her into testifying against the Marty (the accountant).  

Nothing against FBI, Mark has a few FBI friends and they're straight arrows, but not this guy - this guy is an off-the-chain psycho.

Well, relatively speaking - we are talking about a cast of characters essentially comprised of sociopaths and psychopaths already lol.

That's the strange appeal of the show - internal moral dilemma.  These people are complete sociopaths and psychopaths, and yet likable - and you hate to admit to yourself you like them lol. 

The interaction goes something like this ...

Shady FBI Agent Petty"If you don't testify against Marty, I'm going to do A, B, and C ..."
Ruthie"Ohhhh, okay.  Go eff yourself."
Shady FBI Agent Petty:  "And then I'm gonna do D, E, and F ..."
Ruthie:  "Aw, ya want me to tell you how to do it?"
Shady FBI Agent Petty:  "And THEN I'm going to do G, H, and I to your little cousins ..."
Ruthie:  "See, what you do is, you curl yourself up into a ball  ..."

Hahaha!  Totally unphased because she's seen worse, so a total fail for Agent Petty. 

Let's just put it this way - instead of getting his man, very bad things happen to Petty, as a result of his methods, and no one at all will miss him, including the FBI.

Interested to see where this story line goes ...

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