Tuesday, March 31, 2020

Late-Night Comedian, John Oliver, Praises Our Governor's ASL Interpreter's Appropriate "WTF Face."

So ... some local village idiots threw a "Coronavirus Party," and of course later tested positive for the virus.

Our governor (Andy Beshear) mentioned it in his daily state address, yesterday, which drew national attention via late-night talk show host and comedian, John Oliver, who featured a clip of our exasperated governor's announcement, but particularly lauding our ASL interpreter, who John Oliver says did a much better job of conveying a "WTF? face"than Governor Beshear did ...

Governor Beshear said he was trying to remain calm, but mad. 

However, his interpreter is like the cartoon bubble popping out of Beshear's head, expressing his true emotions lol. 

(Her name is Virginia Moore, btw, and she's awesome! :)

I love ASL and a form of communication, btw - they tell you more with their face than they're hands, it's such an honest form of communication, no BS. 

Skip to time stamp 5:20 for the actual clip ...


Gotta grab a laugh when and where you can, people ... super hard for me right now (see a few posts below), but if I can do it, you can too :)

I, for one, welcome any and all distraction, right now.

And again, no panic, but no denial either people - let's be smart and stay right in between - which means, no throwing "Coronavirus Parties" please?!?

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