Thursday, March 12, 2020

Well, Trump Finally Did Something, But ... ?

... of course it's political.  

A European travel ban that excludes the UK.

Erm - Trump apparently does not realize that in the UK, at last count, 373 of their 66 million people - who live in a relatively small, densely populated country, mind you - have contracted COVID-19 - including UK's actual health minister?

Epidemiologists everywhere are likely not just scratching their heads,  but must have their heads in their hands, over Trump's decision. 
Dear Trump and Republicans, 
I hate to break this to you, but you're at the same risk we Democrats are, on this one 
COVID-19 appears to be an equal-opportunity virus.
Like cancer, though less deadly, COVID-19 doesn't care how much money you have, what powerful position you're in, what social contacts you have, what your nationality is, what your gender is, what your skin color is, who or what you worship, what your political party is, or how hard you work or don't work - those things aren't going to protect you from this one, this time - sorry.  
Though cancer is deadlier, think about this - at least with cancer, money affords you the best care and treatment. 
With COVID-19,  you'd be getting the exact same treatment as everybody else - which is essentially just fluids and symptomatic care.  
It would at least appear that in the "eyes" of this virus, we really are all created equal. 
You have proven through support of Trump that you only value yourselves.  Well, if so,  then you'll do what it takes to protect yourselves by stopping the biased political BS when taking precautions -  because those things are useless when it comes to this virus. 
Your Fellow  Countrywoman and World Citizen

*PS - Note:  The only place money even comes into play is testing - note that the Hanks were tested in Australia, where testing is free and widely available to everyone - unlike here in the US, at present.  

Yet another thing Trump could do something about - but doesn't. 

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