Friday, March 27, 2020

PS - Ozark Reaction to Episode One ...

Just an update to this morning post about "Ozark Day." 

No spoilers, but as usual, the last 5 minutes are the craziest.  And the best. 

OMG, Ruth and the KC mob boss's son - LOL!

That girl has no fear -  I'm both horrified and impressed at the same time!?!

He's an idiot and loose cannon, total douche, but still - stupid thing for a smart girl to do. 

And Wendy, in the last 5 minutes?  

She has just gone completely off-the-chain insane, drunk with her own power.   I think we're going to discover she's the most duplicitous, the most passive-aggressive and sneakiest and therefore actually the most dangerous. 

Don't get me wrong, Marty can be behind-the-back, too - both of them can, as rich white people seem especially good at - but at least he feels bad later and is now just doing this schtick because he feels like he has to, not because he still enjoys it.

He beats her at her own game a couple times in this episode, though -  of course in horrible ways - so I see a war coming in this marriage soon.  One I don't think he'll win, unfortunately.

Horrible people!  And yet you can't stop watching!

Makes me glad I'm married to the man I am.  Speaking of which, we both love this show - and I promise you, there is no one I'd rather be in isolation with, we've made it fun :)

We have always lived well together, which people don't realize is important is an important part of marriage, until they actually do live together.  

We're the same level of neatness, we like many of the same things (but enough differences to keep it interesting, and are open to new ideas from each other), don't make any decisions without the other, and talk about everything, no secrets.  

Of course, easy for me to say at only 3-1/2 years in (8 years of living together, though), but still - still happy as can be! :)

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