Friday, March 13, 2020

Practicing The Middle Way :)

There's plenty of middle space between the two extremes in dealing with COVID19, by the way - those extremes being panic and denial:)

I'm a Christian in faith and worship,  but I also recognize that all faiths contain pearls of wisdom to teach us.

Thus,  I "try" to remember to incorporate Theraveda Buddhism into into my life philosophy - because it's just sound logic,  good wisdom, and life advice :)

"Then, one day, Siddhartha heard an old musician on a passing boat, speaking to his pupil:
"If you tighten the string too much, it will snap, and if you leave it too slack, it will not play."
Suddenly, Siddhartha realized that these simple words held the great truth, and that in all these years he had been following the wrong path. To learn is to change.
The path to enlightenment is in the middle way - it is the line between all opposite extremes.

Therefore, no panic and no denial - practicing the middle way - Amen :)

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