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Friday, May 29, 2020

They FINALLY Just Arrested (Former) Minneapolis Police Officer, Derek Chauvin - Hallelujah!

Though some press sites say for a murder charge, the charges have not been announced.

Those charges had better be AT LEAST second-degree murder/Murder 2 - and let's make these charges stick, this time?

Because we can all see, on all videos, Chauvin murdered Mr. Floyd without provocation, from all angles.

(However, we've seen the same with others before George Floyd, too -  and those officers still walked free.)

If we do?  

No more riots. 

If we don't?

God help us.

Update:  The charge is 3rd-degree Murder.  

Minnesota is one of only 5 states that have this extra charge, which is a between Murder 2 and Manslaughter. 

(Florida, Pennsylvania, New Mexico, and Wisconsin are the only other states that have this extra charge). 

The main difference between Murder 3 and the usual Murder and Manslaughter charges is that it allows for 'unclear' intent, but is still a felony (unlike manslaughter, which is a misdemeanor).

(Many states do not have this - if there is unclear intent, then it goes directly to manslaughter charge, and I agree with this.) 

In the state of Minnesota, if found guilty of Murder 3, it is punishable by 25 years in prison.  (Minnesota has the lowest sentence time for this charge among the 5 states.)

I'm sorry, but I disagree - and I don't think it's enough.

Though it's better than manslaughter, yes - I'm not sure it will be enough to stop riots.

George Floyd's murder was clearly second-degree murder/Murder 2, at the very least.

Chauvin knew he was crushing George's trachea/possibly breaking his neck - if we could all hear George cries that he couldn't breathe, then you know Chauvin could, too - but Chauvin chose instead to just kept going anyway, until he was dead :(

Brief overview of the level of homicide charges in the U.S.(sentences vary by state, and some states include extra charges, see below) ...

Murder 1 - premeditated murder with intent to kill. 

Murder 2 - non-premeditated murder, with intent to cause life-threatening physical harm, resulting in death.

Murder 3 (in 5 U.S. states only) - non-premeditated murder, intent unclear,  resulting in death.

Manslaughter - there are varying degrees of this charge as well, but all are regarding non-premeditated, non-intentional actions which cause death, often accidental death, death due to self-defense, or death due to negligence.

*Examples of manslaughter would be drunk drivers, doctor malpractice, parental negligence, some cases of domestic violence self-defense, and prior charges for police officers. 

PS - Keep in mind, as we await medical examiner reports, the medical examiner reports for police brutality incidents in Minneapolis have previously been called into question.

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