Thursday, May 14, 2020

The Last Time I Laughed Out Loud at Physical Comedy: Chris Farley

My grandmother was a huge fan of physical comedy - the Three Stooges, Laurel and Hardy, Abbott and Costello.  I didn't get it lol.  I mean, sometimes, but it bores me after a while?

There is one exception, though - the late Chris Farley.  I'm not sure what it is, I think it was actually his face and voice.

What prompted me to think of him was stating I'd rather live in a "living in a van down by the river" in my last post, so I viewed that original Chris Farley clip (4 videos down) which again made me laugh out loud. 

Thus,  here's the best of Chris Farley, IMO, if you're hankering for a cheap laugh at the absurd :)

The movie itself wasn't great, but Chris Farley's ADHD little moments made the movie - Chris Farley's dinner scene from Tommy Boy ...

This next clip is completely absurd, of course, which is why it makes me laugh.  Absurdity is my favorite form of humor, because of course -  I'm absurd.  But isn't everything actually absurd? 

After I viewed this clip, I started randomly serenading Mark with the Sloppy Joe chorus of the Lunch Lady Land song, for my own amusement, complete with Chris Farley's interpretative dance.

I can't tell you how much he loves that, while he's working, especially when he's as stressed out as he is today ;)

Actually, he gave his party chuckle fake laugh, like "I ... don't know what's going on, right now, so I'll fake laugh"- which makes me giggle even more, of course :)

Then he started laughing for real - not because he's a Chris Farley fan (he's not), but because then I got in his face, while singing "Hoagies and grinders, hoagies and grinders - navy beans, navy bean, navy beans" - while keeping a very serious face.

That was when he laughed for real at my absurdity. 

Mission accomplished, he laughed.  And he's hungry, now, too. lol

Adam Sandler/Chris Farley - Lunch Lady Land 

(Which believe it or not, is a tribute to school lunch ladies everywhere, by the end)

Chris Farley was the most agile, energetic weight-challenged person I've ever seen. He didn't have as much training, grace, and finesse as Patrick Swayze (Swayze not only played football, but his mother was a ballet dancer/instructor, so he was classically trained in ballet), but Chris Farley (who also played football) could at least keep up energy, athletically, and agility-wise - and was just funnier :)   ...

Chris Farley/Patrick Swayze's Chippendales' audition ...

This next clip is the one I mentioned above that I remembered after writing the post below about the van down by the river. 

Btw, that's Christina Applegate guest starring and trying her best not to laugh, who now appears in Netflix's Dead to Me, discussed a few posts below.

It's funny the things you remember - for instance,  I remember that I saw this one live, the night it aired, at a small house party held by my coworkers and my boyfriend, while in college - how we all were laughing our arses off.  

And then later, for some reason, I also remember it was the first time people said I looked like Christina Applegate, only with dark hair (back then), as well as that my absurd sense of humor mentioned above also included a subdued, smart-ass, one-liner-delivery when I found myself in absurd situations that other people don't realize are absurd, like she did/does. 

I never really saw that, but it did turn out to be the first of many times people said that. *shrugs*

Regardless, I give you ...

Matt Foley, Motivational Speaker - forever living in a van down by the river :)

Remember those old supposed hidden-camera commercials, where they surprised people at 4-star restaurants with Folger's "Columbian crystals" coffee?

Chris Farley's clip, "angry" they lied to him, apparently  didn't make the cut  ;)

Schiller Visions: Hidden-Camera Commercials Cuts

Additionally, Adam Sandler tells a story about how he once came in Chris's SNL office and caught Chris Farley crying while listening to ... KC and the Sunshine Band? 

LOL!  Adam asked him how this was even possible - turns out, he was crying remembering his dad dancing goofily to the song :)

Aw, that was Chris Farley, ADHD but sweet, lovable goofball. 

RIP, Chris ...

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