Thursday, May 7, 2020

Mr. and Mrs. American Goldfinch Come for a Visit ...

(Videos added) 

We have been bombarded by starlings, this year, which are the bullies of the bird world - in fact, they even pecked at our squirrel visitors! (One nipped at Gibbley's tail, in fact, and thus I haven't seen Gibbley since :( ) 

Mr. and Mrs. Goldfinch were gone for a few days, too, but stopped by later, when the starlings were away, and I just snapped a couple of quick pics this evening ...

In fact, I heard them before I saw them - they have the sweetest, happiest, high-pitched little song ... SO cute :) 

Actually, I hear their call first, as opposed to their song - they're  calling to each other (flock locator sound), I guess to let them know there's food, it's like "Come and get it" lol :) 

It's the sweetest little sound (not as loud or long as in this video, though) :)  

In fact, after finding this video, I play the call video and it works -  they come close and get the food. 

He eats for a second, calls her, then she comes down, making the same call sound - they eat together for a second, then he flies up and plays sentinel/plays watch from a branch on the tree, while she eats :)

And they have a happy little unusual flight pattern, like they're on a roller coaster (I'll try to find a video of it) :)

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