Sunday, May 3, 2020

Mark's New Motto: "Kiss My Mask" :)

So being that we were able to get our hands on some N95s through a friend (which is good, HEPA vacuum-filter bags with bandanas to secure them weren't cutting it) -  Mark and I decided to try to resume our walks at our favorite park.  The park had completely closed for a few days, then reopened, blocking off the playgrounds and boating facilities. 

Being that people were not (and still aren't) respecting social distancing, we held off . However, home aerobics are no replacement for a good stretch-of-the legs walk, I'm sorry.  

So we decided if we were going to do it, we'd go early and wear masks down on our chin, until some running idiot came puffing by, or some big evangelical family who believes God has made them immune or if they just lay hands on each other, they'll be healed, or some trucker-hatted over-60 white guy, wearing some America is invincible type of shirt, who refuses to believe there's even virus threat, then we'd pull them up when we saw someone heading our way.

Today is an absolutely perfect day, here  in Kentucky, sunny, 74 degrees, so off we went - and sure enough, we ran across all three of those things lol. So when we saw them coming, it was masks up.  

Trucker-hatted Trump guy looked at us like we were crazy. I said, "Good morning" and he finally smiled.

Mark said, "Did you see the way that guy looked at us? Like we're the ones being rude and crazy. Whatever. He can kiss my mask."

LOL. I laughed for about 10 minutes - that is currently so apropros, for so many things - and I'm going to steal this phrase (or at least think it sometimes) lol

Being that a friend and I were just discussing herons (she saw a grey heron very closely on her walk - they're grey herons in Britain, blue herons here) -  we began looking for our own American Prince Harry and family who reside at our park, but alas, no such luck. I was a little disappointed.  

However, as we got in our car to leave, driving out of the park, who should fly right over our car, literally past our windshield, but our American Prince Harry the Heron, like, "Haha, fooled ya, I'm still here" 

Too quick to get a pic, but this made me so happy!!!!

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