Monday, May 25, 2020

Thank You, Veterans - Especially Special Ops Units, to Include Army Rangers (Like My Husband)

... including special ops units, such as former Army-Rangers like husband, for your service and your sacrifice.

Remembering you this Memorial Day ...

(A contingent of Army rangers lays to rest a fallen colleague.)

The above photos were taken from this site, which includes this excerpt:

How do Rangers spend their Memorial Day? Probably in much the way you think we do. And much the way veterans across the country do to honor their brothers and sisters and those countless many who have given everything throughout our history.

Do I mean we sit around and stare at a slideshow of our brothers who will never hug their children again. Never enjoy the company of their friends and family again? Never get to live out their lives as we all do? No. Because that isn’t what they would have wanted or how they would want to be remembered.

Amen, that's true.  

And believe me, I realize how lucky I am to have my husband with me every day, but especially today.

Also a special shout-out and much love and hugs to his "brothers" still with us today, some of still in the field today  xo :)

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