Friday, May 29, 2020

Like I've Been Trying to Say All Week ...

Some people have said that I'm "spiritually sensitive," some have even said I'm psychic lol.  (I wish I was, I'd have a lot more money!)

Whether that's true or not - and I know this sounds weird - but I could literally feel negative energy building in people towards explosions, this week - actually beginning last Friday - that's what I've been trying to say all week.

It's like a pulsating mass of negative spiritual energy, almost as contagious as COVID - because we all know how contagious negative energy is.

Now we're at riots in Minneapolis, NYC and Louisville.

A Minneapolis police precinct is on fire.

The Minneapolis PD arrested a CNN reporter, Omar Jimenez, 'mistaking' him for a protester - despite the fact that you can see (because it was broadcast live), Jimenez wasn't standing anywhere near the protesters.

In fact, he is standing in front of police, politely asking them where he should stand to be out of their way, when they arrest him.

Jimenez very calmly and politely asks the officers - twice - why he's under arrest - and they refuse to answer him.

I have never, in my life, seen anything so crazy on live TV. 

(I chose non-CNN publication of the footage for those who don't like CNN)

The governor has since issued an apology and released him.
7 people were shot at the protest in Louisville for Breona Taylor (who was shot in her bed during a no-knock home raid in Louisville in March).

Trump's name-calling tweet of Minneapolis Mayor that included a threat to bring in the national guard gets a Twitter warning and hidden by Twitter. 

Like I said, things are worse than ever.

My heart breaks for George Floyd and I DO sympathize with anger behind these protests - but again, all violent/looting riots will result in  is further racism and criminal charges for more people of color, more blaming the victim  - the order of events will once again be reversed.

You know what it really would take for this to stop, America?

And it's not the national guard.

If you truly want all of this to stop, America, then we need to successfully prosecute any cop who murders person of color without just cause  - even just one - we are long overdue.

Derek Chauvin should be that guy, thanks to Darnella Frazier's video with indisputable evidence.

Otherwise, I'm social distancing/hibernating due to both COVID and people behaving hatefully, warranted or not ...

... and praying I don't catch either disease, COVID or hatred ;) 

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