Thursday, May 14, 2020

Fauci's Foreboding and Flynn as Distraction Tactic ....

First of all, I'd just like to go on record by saying that I have experienced both economic ruin and poor health and death of the people I love.

Thus, even though I'm hoping for a more-balanced plan between health and money, I can say, with absolute certainty, that if I absolutely HAD to choose between my money and the health of the people I love? 

I would choose health, hands down.

(Sorry, Trumpers.) 

I can also tell you that I have gone to work with the flu before, both the regular flu and stomach flu - not only because I needed the money, but because we have this strange American belief that you should never take a vacation, and that should go to work when sick,  as if doing so is proof you're committed to work.

Doing so did not save me financially, nor did it ever result in my being financially better off, just because of a day or so of hourly-wage work, nor did my employers ever appreciate it.

Because employers expect that, in America - that you never take a sick day or a vacation day - ever. 

So in the end, all I  accomplished was being a virus vector within my community to help spread it. 

There is nothing brave and admirable about either going to work with infectious disease or unnecessarily putting yourself/those you care about at risk of infectious disease.

In fact, all you will have championed and accomplished is voluntarily becoming a community vector for the virus.

Thus, I agree with Dr. Fauci, when he testified to Congress that reopening too soon - especially when most American employers still don't even possess proper PPE, let alone being able to offer it to employees - will cause "needless suffering and death."

In fact, the topic on the table was public schools returning - a topic Trump brought up himself.  

First of all, public schools in America still don't have enough masks and gloves for their administrative staff, let alone enough PPE for even 1 usage, per teacher and per child.

Secondly, anyone who expects young children to wear a mask and gloves all day - then actually change them out after social contact and wash their hands frequently, without requiring one-on-one supervision - either has no children or they shouldn't have ever had children, because they have no clue what children are actually like.

IMO,  this goes beyond socially irresponsible - and for business, becomes suspicious for people who abuse our capitalist system for nothing more than greed and therefore tantamount to economic slavery. Again, sorry, but - true.  

I'd rather live in a cardboard box, or a van down by the river, than work for one of the companies pushing for people to go back to work too soon, without having enough PPE and testing, or the fact that treatment is still at least a year away.

(And let's not forget that as promising as plasma therapy is, a pretty large percent of the population, at least here in the South, is Jehovah Witness, and they don't accept blood products of any kind from others - so there's your residual community vectors, regardless of plasma therapy.)  

IMO, it's very revealing about how little value for their employees those companies have, pushing people to return to work, without PPE, testing, and treatment - in fact, I'm keeping track of them and will not buy products from them, ever again.

Because they might as well also mount neon signs that say, 
"We don't care if our customers nor our employees drop down dead (for minimum wage of $7 to $9 an hour, on an assembly-line, making widgets) - we just need to please our shareholders and make a profit, and if you do drop dead, we'll just replace you with all the unemployed."

*That's not to say all, or even most companies, are the ones pushing without being prepared.*

The socially responsible ones are doing this in steps, and if they don't have PPE, they're not opening until they do - proving they DO care about the health and welfare of their employees. 

I'm talking about the ones that are - who are, of course, some of the largest corporations (and franchises), whom I'd never want to work for (although I did, when desperate) - because their attitude literally reminds me of the sort of people who abused our capitalist-system during slavery times.

On in some communities, it's as if the slaves themselves suddenly drank political Kool-Aid and are inexplicably saying, "Yes, massa, we'll drink this Kool-Aid, because want to die on the job for peanuts in poverty so you can please shareholders and profit and stay at the wealthiest 1%. " 

The only slaves that did that, mind you, we now call "Uncle Toms" - who imagined that the white overlords would respect and advance them, that they'd benefit somehow from their loyalty and eventually consider them equal - when all that found out is that they just get used politically, but never gain equal footing or respect.  

Look at Ben Carson, despite being a neurosurgeon, who was nonsensically appointed to HUD, and we rarely heard from him ever again, and most certainly did NOT gain equal footing and respect in Trump's cabinet, now did he?  lol. 

If you're not white, wealthy, and powerful - and you must be all three - you will never gain the respect of the sort of companies giving this extra push, because of your loyalty.  

You're still a commodity, a resource, and nothing more. 

And what about children students?

Otherwise, regarding the Flynn farce, I have little to say - other than it's clearly the latest Trump distraction tactic from his COVID-19 failures, as well as the above early-return-to-work controversy - and that only the not very bright, politically brainwashed, and/or petty people are taking that bait.

Frankly, most of us don't care - we have bigger fish to fry and worries than Flynn, right now. 

Frankly, either the man lied when he plead guilty or lied when he rescinded his guilty pleas - either way is perjury.

The only exception would be if he was coerced under duress -  which he admittedly cannot prove he was, since the entire thing was recorded on video -  which is what prompted his guilty plea to begin with, they had the entire thing on video recording!?! lol.

Regardless - I don't care either way, whether Flynn is guilty or not guilty, and it's pretty clear that whole thing has been politicized and there's not a dang thing any of us can do about it. 

In fact, if not stupid or intentionally/willfully ignorant and blind due to politics, then it's only petty people who care about the fate of Flynn, right now.

You know, it's always the same ones - the sort of people still pointing fingers of blame (as if that will actually solve the problem) and screaming to the sky about how everyone else is corrupt but themselves (as distraction off their own misdeeds) ...

... who STILL haven't grasped the concept of just what and who should be most important during COVID-19 ;)

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