Tuesday, May 19, 2020

My MT Appreciation/Health Documentation Integrity Week Newsletter Contributions ...

So it's MT Appreciation/Healthcare Documentation Week, and the management at one of my two gigs asked for our contributions to the newsletter. 

The first contribution asked for was our funniest blooper.  

I replied that I couldn't share my funniest, because they're wildly inappropriate things healthcare providers actually said and did (forgetting they were being recorded), over my 24 years in this business, but I could share this decent, recent one - and it wasn't something actually said, it was what voice-recognition software/AI heard, which I edit. 

The doctor dictated:  "The patient broke their arm."

What VR/AI heard instead:  "The patient bought the farm."

What the ???

Thank goodness I caught it - and that the patient is actually still with us - whew!

(Also, this is proof that we're still needed, at least to edit stuff,  and that our jobs are safe from AI altogether, for a least a little while longer, with VR errors like that!?!)

The second contribution request was for photos of our "work assistants," at home with us during the social restrictions - spouses, kids, and/or pets. 

Well, this was a hard one for me, as I still tear up looking at pics of Snuggy pug, my work buddy who was always on my lap, until  I lost him on March 29th :(

However, I wanted to still be a team player and participate, but not be a downer, so I choose some goofy ones to make them smile/laugh and will let management choose which ones to put in the newsletter.  :)

My work-buddies photos go like this: 

My husband, Mark, and ,Brookie, our Sheltie. We're calling it the "No Shower, No Shave, Long Hair, Don't Care: The Quintessential Quarantine" photo :)

My husband, Mark, in his hoodie up (indoors, for some reason that defies logic) and Snuggy Pug in his Christmas sweater (before Snuggy passed) - both sound asleep on the couch :)

Just a crazy pic of Snuggy and me that makes me laugh. He was laying on my hoodie and absolutely refused to let me have it back!

Look closely - Snuggy had the dreaded "red eye" photo, which made him look like Demon Pug about the hoodie! lol. 

(He wasn't demonic at all, just quirky.  I blame his Dad, certainly not me ;)

It's Snuggy the Pirate Pug - arrrrg :)

As I said, I'm letting management choose which pic (s), so they may not be all in the newsletter, but that's what I sent :)

Sweet Snuggy, miss you, my work buddy ;' (

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