Monday, May 11, 2020

My New Toy: SketchUp :)

So this is what I've been doing in my spare time, my latest toy - it's called SketchUp :)

Right now, because of the COVID pandemic, you can try the basic version free for 30 days, then pay a monthly fee or buy it outright.

Okay, don't laugh - remember, this is just the beginnings and I've only taken the basic quick tutorial, and have been working on it here and there for the last few days -  but this is our (pretend) mountain cabin :)

It will (hopefully) eventually be log and stone, craftsman/prairie/English cottage mix :) 

FYI, the fireplace is angled to match the angled roof - which I do know how to make (but am not ready to put on yet) - which will also have windows above the back windows to align with the gable.

Don't look too hard at the furniture, I just threw a few basic standard items in from the program for reference.

Also, the slab to the left of the kitchen is just the garage, second floor is guest bedroom/second family room, which would be walkout, but I haven't developed that at all yet ;)

Lastly, I haven't decided if I'll put the dining room between the kitchen and great room or as part of the great room before the library, extending the kitchen, we shall see :)



Main Floor Layout

 Labeled Floor Plan

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