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Sunday, May 17, 2020

SketchUp (Pretend) Mountain Cabin Progress

So I spent much of the weekend playing with my new favorite toy, more - making some progress, changed a few things.   

For example, the stairs to the (walk-out) basement (which I haven't designed yet) are now in the middle of the house  (that's the white block that's currently jetting down from the main floor plane).

I drew everything but the few basic furniture pieces, the outdoor fireplace, and the people (for scale) - (which I just threw in from the program for reference, for now. 

Also, the porch and roof will change shape, beams will be added - just getting the basic structure in first :) 

Front ...

(View through front door)

Back ...

Floor plan view ...

So, you get better with practice, and I figured out this project would go much better if I broke down each wing or room down into it's own component, then put the components together :) 

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