Wednesday, May 27, 2020

George Floyd: No Adequate Words, Just Tears

I know I said I was going to try to avoid so much increased nasty again to keep my own health, peace, and sanity - but I feel a bit selfish, when others are experiencing things like this - because it's not all about my peace.

Thus, , I had to share for anyone who hasn't seen it yet.

I think I have seen all videos of this incident now - including the video just released by the store owner who called the police on George for using a counterfeit $20 bill - who himself confirms George was not combative and did not resist arrest, by his own eye witness and confirmed by video  :'(

There is absolutely no indication whatsoever, on any video that I've seen yet (various shop security cameras and cell phones filmed the incident, including just prior),  that George Floyd resisted arrest. He most certainly did not. 

What is clear ion the newly released video (not the one belows that after the Asian-American officer drove away -  and after the African-American officer handcuffs him and gently walks him over to the awaiting 4 white officers and squad car across the street, while initially getting into the squad car, George slipped on the curb and fell and went down - the 4 white police officers then jumped on him and I don't understand why - did they misperceive the fall as attempt to escape? 

It was clearly a straight slip and fall off the curb, his arms were in handcuffs so he couldn't brace his fall and just went down - and they jumped on him.

What I don't understand is how, in the final video, he went from the ground on the right side of the squad car to the left side - still on the ground - but the  3 officers were on top of him, held him down, and the officer is pressing his knee down on his neck.  Did they drag him to that side?  

He was already down, he was in handcuffs, he never once resisted from the initial arrest -  he simply fell on the curb - so why????

Then the rest and his death - which we can see on the following video, which is a compilation of security camera and cell phone videos of the event. 

I warn you, the end is graphic ... the panicked, helpless look on George's face as he pleads with the officer for help, that he can't breathe ... the emotionless look on that officer's face while he presses his knee into his neck and worse.  No emotion on his face as he drags George's lifeless body away by one arm.

Be forewarned, this will likely haunt you for days as it is haunting  me :(

His crime?

Using a counterfeit $20 bill at the store.

He was not armed, he did not resist arrest (video proven), and even the store owner that called the police says he didn't resist arrest, wasn't combative, and doesn't understand the excessive use of force. 

So ...after watching that ... still think Kaepernick taking a knee for the flag over incidents like this is worse? 

I can't watch anymore, I just cry.  That poor, poor man, my God :(

And I agree with Mayor Frey - the officer that pressed his knee until George died  - should be criminally tried for Murder 1 - there should be no question.

Like I said below, I'm not sure what's going the past week or so, but people have reached a level of nasty and nuts worse than ever - and I'm not sure why?

Heavenly Father,

I don't know what to pray for or how, anymore - but at the moment, this is what comes to mind ...

I pray that the people who are abusing privilege or power and/or harboring hatred will somehow be directly confronted by the Spirit of God and Christ's message of infinite mercy, in their path.

I know that we have free will and the power of choice regardless - and I know you promised not to intervene.

However, I pray that there will be, at some point, one of your famous overly-coincidental, direct spiritual-confrontation lessons - so square in their faces that they cannot easily shut the door, turn the channel, turn the page, or turn away.
A message of mercy so directly in their path that they will have to make a conscious choice - either choose to step over it and continue in self-righteous, falsely-justified, hatred and fear, or choose instead to allow the power of God's mercy and love into their hardened hearts and be transformed by it.

Mercy, God ...Mercy. We have gotten ourselves way out of balance again, the scales have once again been tipped too far, we've reached a tipping point - and we need your love now, more than ever.
More mercy for the poor, the oppressed, the powerless, the grieving, the falsely accused/the innocent, the addicted, the the opportunity-less, just trying to survive, and the sick and the suffering.
I pray for your comfort for them, Lord, comfort them. I pray for renewed hope for them. I pray that they may experience "the peace that passes all understanding," that Paul spoke about in Philippians 4:7, as they endure these trials in life.

In the name of the father, his son, Christ Jesus, and the Holy Spirit.


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