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Saturday, May 23, 2020

Spring Flowers

So with social distancing relaxed, though we still can't take off for the holiday weekend as we hoped, there's a few things we can do to brighten the weekend :) 

Thus, we donned our masks and gloves went to the outdoor flower shops today - and I'm happy to report that even though the shop is outside, all but 1 of the 25+ customers were wearing them, too, and mindful of social distancing :)

Not too much of a product selection yet - it was difficult to find two of the same (or even colors that blended well), but we were able to find a couple of goodies - Million Belles and Torenias.  They need a bit of extra care, which I'm happy to give :)

We had purchased the bird feeder the other day, with mesh lining and perches inside, in hopes of discouraging starlings, but they still found a way! 

Thus, we ordered another one with smaller mesh, for smaller beaks, which is on its way.  That way, while the starlings invade one, the finches can have the other because the bigger beak starlings won't be able to get the food (in theory). 

We're also going to put safflower and thistle/nyjer seed in the new one coming, because supposedly, starlings don't like either (again, in theory)?

PS - Now look how they look after just 1 evening of proper watering and dead-heading TLC :) 

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