Friday, May 8, 2020

Dead To Me (Season 2)

I said last year that this is the show I wish I could've written -  we shall see if it sustains.  Early critics reviews says it tops it, but we shall see.

I'm not sure why Season 1 didn't get the fanfare that other Netflix shows like Ozark have gotten (perhaps because the two main characters are women?), but if you can get over that, the critics agree with me - and season 1 was brilliant.  

Don't get me wrong, I love Ozark, but this season left me ... exhausted lol. Constantly on the edge of my seat, every episode - which is fun, but there's a point where you just get tired and fall off the edge of your seat lol.

(Having said that, this season of Ozark - particularly the last episode - was some of the best screenwriting I've ever seen.)

Ozark Spoiler alert:  With the exception that they killed off the show's heart and 1 out of 3 moral centers they had left, when they killed Ben.  

(Okay, he was bipolar and couldn't control his impulses when off his meds, but he was also the only one of the bunch that had any sense of morality -  he was right to say they were all crazier than he was, just more duplicitous) lol.

All they have left for strong sense of morality is FBI Agent, Maya Miller, but she might turn - and Wyatt, whom we continue to hold out hope for. 

Don't get me wrong (again) -  Ozark and Dead to Me aren't alike at all, really, other than things and people going horrible awry, suspense, and dark/twisted/quirky - but Dead to Me is more dark comedy - it has a bit more heart, humor, and ... spirituality? 

We're watching Season 2 tonight, so we shall see ...

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