Saturday, May 30, 2020

Go Twitter Team Tay Tay (Taylor Swift)!

YES! Get it, girl!

All Trump had to say about her (in interview) was, "I like her 25% less now."

Because he knows better than to go after Taylor Swift full force - especially on Twitter - he would likely lose that battle. 

This girl has a diverse, broad appeal and  fan base - much larger than Trump's.

Taylor Swift has  86 million followers VS. Trump's 80 million (and most of those people aren't fans, they just like to troll him).

She had 1.8 million likes for that single tweet. 

As far as I can recall, I don't think Trump has ever had 1.8 million likes for any single tweet, ever?

As we all know, she unfortunately took a wait-and-see approach to the 2016 election, so as not to alienate her fans and to give her fans the power without influence, trusting them to do the right thing.  However, she now regrets trusting people to do the right thing in an age of dysinformation - and now, she's on FIRE!

Love this girl, always have.  She's made her youthful flubs - but haven't we all?  

She's goofy fun sometimes, but don't ever mistake this girl for a dumb blonde. 



PSCompletely unrelated, but does anyone actually care about NASA/SpaceX space launch, right now?

No, we do not.

Our country is literally on fire, right now - we still don't have enough PPE, testing, and ventilators for a deadly virus that is still out there - but eff it -  let's spend billions of dollars and go to space?!?

I think it's wildly inappropriate to continue with this expensive and unnecessary space mission, right now. 

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