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Tuesday, May 26, 2020

"Fanning the Flames, Then Condemning the Fire" ...

Even though Governor Beshear has relaxed restrictions (in stages), Trumpers are still not happy.

Thus, they hung this effigy of him from a tree, with a noose around his neck, at the Capitol Building in Frankfort on Memorial Day.

Well, they got the "sic" part right, but I think they're missing a "K" ;)

Because seriously, people - this is sick stuff.  

(For non-Americans or those who just don't know, "Sic tyrannis semper" means "Thus Always to Tyrants" in Latin - and it is the phrase John Wilkes Booth shouted on the stage when he shot President Abraham Lincoln.)

Even if you don't agree with the restrictions or think he overreacted, he was (and still is) trying to protect people from COVID-19.

Beshear responded by saying:  "I will not be afraid.  I will not bullied.  I will NOT back down."

THEN, our State Trump-supporting GOP politicians began distancing themselves from the effigy, publicly condemning  it.

So Beshear said ...

 "You cannot fan the flames, then condemn the fire." 

Amen. Good for him :)

Now -  you would think the COVID crisis would've taught people just who and what are really important, and that people would be happier with social restrictions being more relaxed, but no.

In fact, people are worse - they're nastier than ever - and it's like they feel someone has to pay.

They will  have their way and have it all -  right NOW, b'God - regardless of how it affects others.

Bully and victimize - then justify it by  claiming they are the bullied victims - usually simply because someone said some variation of: "Uh, no - this is NOT okay." 


That is such an overplayed tactic from people today, isn't it?  

Too bad it people keep buying it.  

Not me - I can see that sh*t coming a mile away.  

Have you met my mother and my oldest sister? lol 

Speaking of whom ...

The texts I received -  literally out of nowhere, without any provocation whatsoever or any communication at all since 6 weeks ago, when I texted, asking if you needed any toilet paper or surgical gloves during COVID?  

(Don't worry, I'll never ask if you need help during an emergency again.)

What an excellent impression of them both - particularly Kim - when in bully-others-while-in-false-victim mode.

(Which happens when she's miserable and wants someone to take it out on/blame.  I'm the best candidate, because once upon a time, long ago, I said, "Uh, no - that is not okay," when everyone else was enabling/pretending it was.  (Because, you see, holding dishonest, abusive people accountable/not pretending is the only definition of "abuse" in Toxic Families/Group Land - it's a criminal offense ;)

Do you do other impressions? ;)

Regardless - that's a gaslighting/bully fail.

Clearly, I DO need more prayer about curbing my smart-ass reactions to absurdity, though (see below post).  It doesn't help the situation.  

Well, not entirely true -  my sense of humor has gotten me through much, in this life :)

However, my sarcasm often is a cover for a lot of pain and can make things worse, that's true.

In other news, our new neighbors (from the building right next door, downstairs) had a cookout last night.

Of course, people drank too much, then someone shouted, "We survived COVID!"

I heard someone else shout "No, we survived (Beshear) physically abusing us all."

Oh, what complete BS, lol.  

Come on, man  - nobody has physically abused anybody, let's settle down, now. 

However, that effigy could be construed as a terroristic threat.

(I didn't say that, but I thought it;)

Secondly, COVID-19 is not over.

Thus, like I said below,  I'm self-socially-isolating for a while longer, because I don't know what's gotten into people, but they are especially nuts, right now.

I'd rather focus on the people I love and other activities that give me joy and that I'm grateful for?


PS Just to elaborate on my last sentence above - all you need to know is that I'm happier than I've ever been, I'm healthier than I've ever been (emotionally and physically), I'm blissfully in love with my husband, and I've really started to love life and have fun again, without feeling guilty when doing so.  

My life is wonderfully calm, safe, and boring, now - and I love it!!!

Which, sadly, was only possible with therapy and learning to extricate myself/remove myself from toxic people, groups, and situations (that I tend to have particularly dramatic allergic overreactions to) sooner, and finally refusing to be the family scapegoat and blame myself anymore.  

And I do take responsibility - just not for things I didn't do or take on all blame, like I used to.  

So I'm sorry, but I can't be the family scapegoat anymore and/or hold other people's flaming bags of poo flung at me anymore, I have enough my own self-created flaming bags of poo to deal with lol.    They'll have to find a new one. 

Or better yet, start self-examining and taking responsibility for these things themselves, after years of consistent therapy, like I am.

However, I DO still love them and pray for them, every day - just from a safe distance. 

And I will never allow any member of that toxic swamp to steal my joy again (Amen).

So catch ya later :) 

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