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Tuesday, May 19, 2020

David Spade/The Wrong Missy ...

So, the number one Netflix show in America yesterday was "The Wrong Missy" with David Spade (formerly of SNL, see in 2 Chris Farley Clips below), produced by Adam Sandler's production company, Happy Madison.

Just a heads up, Adam isn't in it, he just produces it. 

However, Adam Sandler's wife, Jackie Sandler, plays David/Tim's work nemesis, "Jess" aka "The Barracuda"

Speaking of which - yep, that is Jackie Sandler - she just looks very different, after some fairly obvious recent plastic surgery ;)

Jackie's face before plastic surgery ...

Jackie's face after plastic surgery ...

Jackie's body before plastic surgery ...

Jackie's body after plastic surgery ...

Ah, what money can do, right? 

I thought she had a naturally nice figure before - especially after two kids -  so it wasn't necessary? 

I guess she wanted the unnatural Baywatch/porn star look :/

And if I had to guess the surgeries and where, I'm going to guess face and neck lift, nose job, cheekbone implants, lip injections, and Botox on her face - boob job and liposuction/body contouring on the stomach, etc.

Not knocking it, whatever works for her (just don't overdo it/become and addict, Jackie  - I'm fairly certain it wasn't Adam's idea to have this much surgery (at least I hope not) ;) 

Back to the movie itself, overall, I'd have to say most of the jokes work when they were 20-25, but when we're all over 50 now -  not so much.  It's just ... awkward.

 However - there were some of the signature Sandleresque random moments that still made me laugh - plus we're all desperate for something new and funny and lighthearted, right?  Not great, but at least entertaining :)

What I was most interested to see was David Spade's first role since his sister-in-law, designer Kate Spade, died from suicide 2 years ago - if that affected his kinda of snarky, arrogant comedic style.

And if you pay attention - it did :)

First, the premise - after the crumbling of his engagement several months before, his grandmother set him up on a blind date from hell.  She's obnoxious, she's loud, she's blunt, she carries a machete  -  your basic nightmare - and her name is Melissa/Missy. 

Afterwards, he accidentally meets the woman of his dreams - also named Melissa/Missy.  

After he discovers that his ex-fiance will be accompanying his coworker to their work retreat in Hawaii, he decides to invite Melissa/Missy as his date - only he texts and invites the wrong Missy. 

SPOILER ALERT:  He ends up falling in love with the obnoxious, crazy one, by the end. 

I dunno - I gotta say, I was still pretty much a fan of the 2nd or "right" Missy, considering some of the crazy stuff the "wrong" Missy does, messing up stuff with his boss/job, etc. - but Lauren Lupkus did a great job with her character, she's a natural scene-stealer. 

But whatever, as long as the main character is happy with a happy ending, right?  And there's a message in this madness. 

However, the messages are, things are not always as they first seem and usually there's a story behind why people do what they do, as well as in the end, we're all a little crazy/have crazy moments in different ways, and to embrace that crazy/stop caring so much what people think (as long as it's not dangerous to the self/others). 

In fact, there are mental health messages running all through it, from his admission that he sees a psychiatrist to deal with his depression after the breakup of his engagement, to the fact that Missy, as wild, crazy, and annoying as she is, is also actually an unorthodox, but fairly good licensed marriage therapist - and he learns to lighten up and embrace both the crazy in her and the crazy in himself and have more fun. 

In a way, there's an underlying tribute to Kate.  Not that Kate was at all like Missy, but that we're all a little crazy (some people just hide it better, like Kate did) and stop hiding it/fearing what others think, let someone in, and stop being all alone in there with your thoughts - if someone judges you for it, oh well - perhaps you picked the wrong Missy ;)

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