Thursday, May 21, 2020

More Medical Documentation Bloopers (To Include COVID-19 Bloopers) ...

So as I mentioned a few posts below, it's Health Documentation/MT Appreciation Week, and one of my two gigs invited us to share bloopers. 

They were compiled and shared with us today, and included mine (see that post below or this link).

Here were my favorites on the list - without revealing the names of contributors, companies, systems used, or PHI ;)

(The entries are in quotes, and the sentences after are my added reactions - except for the COVID entries, the contributors added their own hilarious commentary)

"The patient was brought to the microwaving room and covered with potatoes."

Remind me never to visit this apparent CANNIBAL CLINIC!?!

(Just kidding, they're not, that was VR again ;)

"He slipped and fell on a prostitute after trying to unsuccessfully grab onto his mother."

Hmm.  Mommy issues?

"The patient was penis teared in telephone consult today."

Ouch.  I'm not even sure what that means, nor do I want to know, but it sounds painful, so just ... ouch?  Is this that Cannibal Hospital again? ;)

COVID Voice-Recognition Bloopers ...

"Our Speech Recognition is having a hard time with the current pandemic ... "

"'COVID pandemic' has been rendered 'Coban endemic' and 'Pull-up endemic'  (is this a diaper derby?)"

"COVID" comes out as 'Echo,' 'Coded,' 'Kobe,' and 'Covert.'"

"COVID-19 has somehow become Cocaine 19.  Is there something we aren't being told?" 

"OVER-19" (wish fulfillment?) 

"Speech translates 'COVID swab' into 'Echo visited swab'(?)" 

"COVID pandemic" into "Colon panoramic" (how scenic!)

My favorite of the COVID bloopers is the "colon panoramic - how scenic" one.


And Kobe?  What the ???

Yes, COVID-19 is secretly called "Covert-Kobe-19" aka "Kobe's Wrath"  as code speak among healthcare professionals.

(No, not really, conspiracy theorists.  Again, that's sarcasm.) 

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