Monday, May 4, 2020

Weird, Creepy Work Survey Mark Received ...

I'm not going to say who sent it, but I'll just say if the author was a trustworthy person - instead of a person who's been caught more than once hacking into things he shouldn't and being a general creeper, who uses that personal, medical, and political information against people and/or make fun of them - then it might be a fun team-building exercise - but he's not, and thus ... it's not. 

Because it's from who it is, it just seems nosy, intrusive, and creepy.

(I note private texts flying back and forth mentioning how weird other people thought it was, too - what, they can't hack in, anymore, so now this person wants to try to ferret out your password? lol). 

When Mark asked me what I'd put, I said:  "Well, you have to play or else the higher-ups who approved this will say you're not being a team player, but I'd just answer 'vanilla' to every single question lol."

What's your favorite food?


What's your favorite kind of ice cream? 


What's you favorite kind of chocolate bar?


What's your favorite drink while working? 


What's your favorite drink when you're not working?


What's your favorite animal?


What's your favorite hobby?


LOL.  They'll get the picture.

Besides - I'm 100% positive the crazy-ass author of this creepy survey always votes for vanilla  LOL ;) 

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