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Thursday, August 27, 2020

Osbourne Family Values: "The Osbournes Want to Believe" #OsbournesBelieve

So the Osbournes have a new show out on the Travel Channel - well, three of them (Ozzy, Sharon, and Jack) called "The Osbournes Want to Believe," where during quarantine, Jack tries to convince his parents of the paranormal.

Believe it or not, Ozzy and Sharon aren't believers in the paranormal, being that they've never personally experienced anything they would describe as paranormal themselves, and are very aware of how special effects work, in their line of business lol. 

They've made it clear they believe in a soul, and even God - just not anything paranormal.  Well, more accurately, they're open-minded to the idea, they're just waiting to experience something personally themselves before they believe.

(Ozzy is a practicing/praying Christian, still a contributing member to the Church of England.  Sharon is Ashkenazi Jewish through her father, Irish Catholic through her mother - and though she has hinted she believes in God, is non-practicing of either faith.)

Most of the videos Jack presents, I'd already seen, and actually many they're featuring have been debunked (in fact, with CGI, most things are faked online now);  however, they do present some newer ones and it's still entertaining, either way - because it's the Osbournes! 

In fact, the only video on the net that I've seen which was hard to debunk/seems authentic is the original police search video from the Watts house - which I have posted HERE - before they knew the Shannan and Cici and Bella were killed, just missing - that that would be my viewer submission to the #OsbournesBelieve challenge - but I'm not on any other social media but here.  

The dog acts strange before they go in the closet - and even the dog handler hears the strange little girl giggle.  

There are still possible explanations for the strange occurrences during the search, like a battery dying on an unseen toy - but the video is the original, raw, unedited official police search video -  and you see the police clear the house, pronouncing it clear, before the official search with the dog - so at the very least, we're certain that the video itself is authentic and has not been edited in any way.   

Regardless - I love The Osbournes, I always have, I can't help myself! lol.  

Yes, they curse like sailors - but there's plenty of love, there, too :)

The first episode was a little slow, but then we have to remember, this is them, just sitting around the house, during quarantine, and it's not like any of us did cartwheels then - but they still manage to make you laugh lol.

Love them or hate them, crazy or not, weird or not - they are always themselves and say what they really think, whatever mood they're in  :)

(God bless the weird - I prefer "weird" people, normal people are boring lol.) 

Ozzy's sense of humor is legendary (when you can understand him), and he actually surprises you with his insights sometimes: "Well, today's science fiction is tomorrow's science fact, so who knows?  I think most of these "ball of light in the sky" are military testings."

And Jack's need to rephrase questions for them, forgetting how weird his show-business, rock-n-roll parents' lives have been.

Jack"Have you ever seen anything weird while staying in a hotel room?"

Ozzy:  "Well, erm ...yes ... hahaha!"

(Sharon just makes a sort of bite-lipped "yikes" frown.)

Jack:  "Let me rephrase that - have you ever seen anything paranormal weird in a hotel room?"

Ozzy:  "No." 

Sharon:  "Well, we've seen lots of weird things in hotel rooms, but nothing paranormal, no lol."

I also love Sharon singing her little impromptu songs to her Pomeranian, Bella, randomly, that she just made up (because I do the same thing lol).

Despite his drug-induced antics with animals early on, in reality, both of them are animal lovers and super sweet to their pets - they have several dogs and cats :)

However, Rocky is Ozzy's cuddle baby, Bella is Sharon's cuddle baby.

Bella, however, doesn't appear as interested in the paranormal clips that Jack is sharing as per parents are - she has a habit of falling asleep by mid-show, face down, between the arms of the chairs LOL.

However, as of yet - with the series ongoing -  Ozzy and Sharon still aren't true believers - with the exception Ozzy finding the Cork Ireland school haunting seeming credible (particularly, the chair sliding up the wall)

Unfortunately, this video, too, has actually been credibly debunked, over a year ago.

(Most notably, notice how the pattern on the floor tile disappears when the "wet floor" sign is "kicked" over by a supposedly unseen entity - proving there was a "smudging out" or editing of whatever was there kicking the sign :) 

Though Ozzy is admittedly the anxious sort, he doesn't actually necesarily believe in the paranormal - and in the end, there's only one thing Ozzy is afraid of - Robert the Doll :) 

For those who didn't see his series "Jack and Ozzy's World Detour" (which ended abruptly due to Jack's divorce), the backstory on this is after visiting "Robert the Doll" in Key West, Ozzy burned the doll replica Jack bought him, in disbelief of the legend, that if you disrespect the haunted doll, including not asking Robert the Doll before you take his picture, touch him, or disrespect him in any way, you will receive bad luck. 

Shortly afterwards, Jack divorced, ending the show, Ozzy was diagnosed with Parkinson's disease, which has progressed already to the point his movement is restricted and can't tour anymore, etc. - making Ozzy a believer in Robert the Doll, blaming his burning effigy of doll the culprit of all of these events lol.

Otherwise, at most, Sharon says she had an out-of-body experience while losing blood during surgery, floating above her body and seeing the doctors rush to save her/transfuse her.   

Ozzy, on the other hand, says he has too, but it was chemically induced lol.  He also adds that he thinks this sensation is actually caused by brain chemicals being upon dying/death, which is a widely accepted theory.  

Jack, on the other hand, is a believer of sorts - and even has his own ghost-hunting show with Katrina Weidman called "Portals to Hell."

He clarifies on the show with his parents, however, that he's never seen an actual apparition yet, and wonders if ghosts are actually something other than what we think they are.

For example, though he believes they are sometimes an actual intelligent being that can interact, he wonders if they're not just emotional manifestations of our own brains outside the body, especially during times of emotional upheaval, like grief, fear, etc., or being effected by environmental factors like carbon monoxide, living near power lines or areas high in metals concentrations.

Otherwise, he believes that most encounters are simply "psychic residue" or "energy" left over after a traumatic event, energy caught in a time loop. 

His parents agreed with the latter part, stating that they definitely feel like houses hold energy.  Having moved many times, over the years, they admitted they sometimes felt negative energy or positive energy in the homes they lived in, including the home they're living in now, they both feel something terrible happened there - which is part of the idea to spark the show with Jack. 

Thus, as kind of a play on the whole theme, Ozzy released this trailer for the (upcoming?) video for "Little Green Men" from his Ordinary Man album, starring Jason Momoa, channeling Ozzy's prior famous moves for him  :)

Yes, by the way - that's a fake bat - as the disclaimer says at the beginning lol. 

Love it!

I totally crush Jason Momoa. Again - can't help myself.  Super sexy, super quirky, super sweet :)

Jason Momoa and his wife, Lisa Bonet (Denise Huxtable from The Cosby Show).

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