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Wednesday, August 5, 2020

Tonight it's Leftover Grilled Chicken and Veggie Paninis :)

So, I didn't eat all of that huge piece of marinated chicken last night (see last night's post,) and I doubt I will finish it tonight), so I decided to create grilled-chicken panini sandwiches.

So it's leftover grilled chicken, a slice of provolone, and leftover grilled red peppers, zucchini, and onion on ciabatta bread.  Each side of the bread was coated with a dash of olive oil/Italian seasoning (no mayo or Miracle Whip) and then panini pressed on the grill, both before and after adding the chicken and veggies ...

Here's the finished product ... 

That's roasted-red-pepper hummus, and the strange-looking chips?

They're chickpea, pea, and black-bean veggie chips, made by "Off the Beaten Path."  

I like the cheddar veggie puffs best, but they were out of them  :/

IMO, they're the second-best tasting organic veggie chips, but the most nutritious ...

... AND the cheapest :)

The entire process took literally 10 minutes - and this is my favorite thing I've made on it yet, it's delicious, better than Panera.

I am super hard on my cooking; in fact, I can name maybe three times I've been able to say, "hey, it's actually pretty good."   I usually find it needs more of this or that, but this goes on number 4 for sure. 

(I don't think I said what I had marinaded it overnight with, but FYI, olive oil, garlic, white wine, fresh lemon juicee, and Italian seasoning - this is my lazy/quickest way of marinating chicken, if I don't have much time lol.)

Okay, I'm almost finished playing with/showing off my new indoor grill/griddle/panini-press toy, I promise ;)

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